Friday, July 31, 2015

The REAL photo shoot! - Part 1

I did an earlier mix up of "Photo shoot on the stairs", doing the shoot outside (here's the post Photo shoot time ). But, I figured I wanted to get our normal indoor photo shoot so, it was time to give it a try.
Here are our past indoor photo shoots for 2015:
And now foster dog King has his indoor photo shoot!
D'light asks: "Really... we doing this again?!" 
The boys gather...

"Catty, foster mom says come on!"
Catty quickly comes to attention but, we've lost D'light!

Not a good picture of D'light but,  I love King's stance and his tounge sticking out!


Catty is not to be outdone by King! 
D'light deciding if this is worth the trouble
Good boy King for paying attention

Catty says "Enough monkey business, I'm at full attention so give me my food reward!"

Silly dogs - Catty and King are excited about the high value reward - D'light says "Whatever"!

All three say "Here's you great photo of the day!"
Of course they all got an amazing food reward for their hard work.
Stay tuned for an amusing part two of this photo shoot! 

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