Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunny morning & who's cute?!

For those of you who think Inigo is cuteness x10 well this post will confirm your belief!  The sun, a cool toy and cozy bed -  what how about that for a great start to his day?
And more fun!
"Is green my color?"

"This is a nice bed!"

Lovin the sun

Silly, smiling boy
Notice my tail still wags when I'm relaxed

All of this picture taking is exausting

"What's Catty doing?"

"My foster mom keeps saying how adorable I am"

getting sleepy...

Time for a nap

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The queen shares her thrown...

At least for a little bit!  Catty for the most part likes dogs under a year old.  With that said, it usually takes her about 2 weeks for her to "allow" them close to her.  Little Inigo has been fast tracked  since yesterday was 1 week in foster care!  I even caught them playing briefly on the couch - wish I had my camera for that! 
Inigo seems to really like Catty and he always wants to be in proximity to her and when he gets the "grrr's" from Catty he moves on.  This morning the sun was out and look what I found and yes my dogs love Molly Mutt beds!
"She can't resist my cute self - can you?"

Enjoying the sun together

"Ok, that was enough, not pressing my luck"

Beds are reconfigured and stay tuned tomorrow morning for part 2 of this post...

Who thought eating could be so much fun?!

 This busy dog ball is perfect for a pup that hasn't ever used an interactive feeder.  As you can see it's clear so the dog can see the kibble in it.  There are two large opening on each side so food comes out without much effort. 
Busy Dog Ball
Below was Inigo's first try at the busy ball.  He was a bit perplexed by it but, thought it was fun. Watch that tail a movin!

Below is the next meal - this time I put the ball in a bowl so he could see it without it moving around. He knows his food is in it... you can see his brain trying to figure it out.

What is this?

Play bow with the busy ball!

I took it out of the bowl and it was game on!
Such a smart little boy!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Photo shoot - beware of puppy cuteness!

For those of you who follow my blog you know this photo shoot location!  And for any of you who have had a very lovable "I want to give you kisses" puppy in the house, getting a good still photo is pretty much impossible! D'light and Catty were good sports and poor Gramercy was very upset to have missed out in this fun.

And so it begins... I dropped my treat bag, can you tell they are all treat motivated?!
Inigo wants to give kisses, D wonders why he can't sit still and Catty sees the treat bag
Inigo cannot seems to grasp that I need him to sit on the top stair! D is getting bored with this nonsese and Catty wants the treat!
Catty brought over the dragon - not play time Catty!! And finally Inigo sits! D's head looks huge for is little 12lb body and he really, really wants that Ziwi Peak treat
D saying "Come Inigo get up here and sit still!" Again Catty wants the treat...
D says: "Mom he won't listen!"
 Inigo is half on that top step - I say that's progress!

I love my dogs!
Inigo wants the treat!  So do the other two.

Cutest boy ever!

Inigo enjoys being outside

Sweet puppy boy likes to explore our postage stamp sized yard!

On the move

"What's in here"

"Or here?"

Having fun exploring...

But, always checking in

Gawd he's adorable!
 And full of kisses

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Where's Inigo?

I was getting ready for work and sweet little puppy boy wasn't sitting staring at me!  I quietly went looking for him and look where I found him...

Our house is a bit scattered right now since Gramercy has to be sequestered away from the dogs for his R&R. And since Gramercy can't play with toys, they are all out in the hallway where they aparently make a good resting spot!

Inigo so far hasn't played with toys, I don't know he knows what to make of them.
He's getting sleepy...

Such a cute little boy


Gramercy 1 week post surgery

And he's doing AMAZING!!  The biggest issues is keeping him calm which is a struggle since he's feeling so good.  I really am stunned the difference in how he moves so soon after the surgery.  He has to be harnessed when going outside to go to the bathroom because the boy wants to move! We keep telling him one more week of this level of restriction but, he's ready to get his groove on now!
I realize I keep saying this but again, many thanks to those of you who contributed to Gramercy's surgery - because of you look at this sweet, sweet boy who cleary is feeling better than he has in a long while.
Looking good!

He's bearing weight on that left leg and not skipping like he did pre-surgery

You can barely see his incision
"Enough with the pictures, there are things to find and smell!"

"Who's been in the yard?"

"I'm ready to rock the world!"

Feeling great!
He's sure there are things in the bamboo that need catching!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


We have lots and lots of stairs at our house.  I would say the majority of our foster dogs have no clue about the stairs so, pretty quickly we start working on going up and down the stairs.  We have a large deck that has a little over 2 flights of outside decking stairs then inside we have a flight of carpeted stairs.
It usually takes our foster dogs about a week or so to feel comfortable on all the stairs - not so for Inigo.  He figured them out in 2 days.  He was pretty worried the first day but, with some luring of treats (no force or dragging a dog up & down the stairs is every acceptable) he was a rock star!  As always, we move slowly and finish on a good note.  We "worked" the stairs on about 8-10 occasions on Sunday and since Inigo is so human and food focused it was a lot of fun for all of us!
"What are these things?"
"I'm not so sure about this..."
"hey there's a treat.."
"and look I went down the stair"

Oh and while we were on a walk, here's Inigo showing off his new skills!

And as you can see he's a mover!  Below is coming in from the walk.



Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Inigo cuteness...

Inigo is a very, very sweet and smart boy!  So far, he's hasn't had any accidents in the house and he's excellent about quickly doing his business outside. 
I was getting ready for work and got side tracked watching Inigo.  He's just way too cute with his wiggly, silly, puppy self. 
Inigo was listed on petfinder today and I'm guessing he will be receiving applications quickly.  Hard to believe he almost didn't make it out of the shelter.

Oh come on...

How can a puppy be so cute!  I was making dinner, turned around and here's what was staring at me.   Lucky for me I always have my camera in my pocket.

Inigo is a "watcher" meaning he's constantly paying attention to what we are doing and he's trying to sort out what he needs to be doing.  This sweet boy is very people focused and very, very affectionate with whoever he meets.
Inigo sitting pretty
It's hard to get anything done with such an adorable puppy in the house. 


Inigo is a true goofy puppy as you can see...
"I dance"
"I love to roll around"

"Look at my spoted belly"

"Wow, I rolled off the bed"

"But I'm ok and ready for more puppy play"