Thursday, March 31, 2016

Luring and puppies!

With the arrival of spring that means another lure event for D'light!  Before heading out, I watched the amazing sunrise from our deck.

We headed 1.5 hours south to the event.  I went and checked us in and here's what I came back to.  D'light has unzipped his soft crate (he does this if he thinks he's missing out on something fun) and says "PLEASE tell me this is a lure day!"

It was raining and we were a little early so we waited in the car.  
Crazy boy knows what we are doing...

This event was early in the  morning.  With it still be chilling we needed to do a good amount of walking around to warm up his legs.

The event was at a horse polo field. The surrounding area was full of horse manure.  Lucky for me D'light isn't interested in the manure!

He sees the line out on the field

We keep walking and he now sees the lure machine, the line and the bags on the line!

Silly, sillly boy!

You can see the lure operator smiling at D'light! W'eve gone to enough of these trials that I'm know as "D'light's mom".

We are on deck and the excitement is soon to start...

"Lets do this!"

The calm before the storm...

As usual D'light had a blast as you can see from the photos!

Then it was time to warm down. We usually walk for a good 15 to 20 minutes.  As we were walking the grounds look what we found...

The club that sponsored this event is the Evergreen Basenji Club.  D'light was not a fan of these puppies.

They say "Hey you two! Can you spring us from our expen?" 

"Why are the not letting us out?!  We are so cute, tell the lady to let us out."

We left the puppies which made D'light very happy! After a bit more cooling down it was back to the car and more water.

"I love to lure!"

I ask D'light if he wants to go back and see the puppies...

Here's what he thinks of that idea!

"I want to lure instead of looking at puppies"

Luring is over so I zipped him into his crate while I went back to look at the puppies.

"OH look the lady is back!!"

"We are so cute don't you want to spring us?"

"Pay attention to the lady, quit chewing on the blanket, the stick and each other - we can get the lady to let us out of here."

Doing their best to puppy charm me...

"You know you  LOVE puppies"

"Look into my puppy eyes"

"The lady isn't letting us out, I have to free us!"

And this is very typical puppy behavior and why I personally am not fond of puppies!  To much work for me.  We've fostered puppies in the past.  Here are some post of the last puppies we fostered and of the two in the blog posts we temp fostered Bailey.  After a week she went to her foster home and then we had just Efeste and one puppy was plenty!

"Dang it there's a lid on the expen!"

A fun day for sure and D'light was very happy that I did not come back to the car with puppies in hand!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sunrise at Seward Park - Part 2

Viva and I arrive to Seward Park before the sun rises!  I want to walk half of the lower loop.  D'light and I have walked this loop a couple of times at this time of morning. There's really no one here at this time of morning.  A few joggers and maybe a person jogging with a dog. I have a good plan spots to get Viva some distance if needed.

Viva  says "Great!!"

We haven't been down in this area much and she is excited.

After some initial snorting around it was time to get moving. 
She does have light on so that people can see us coming.

Sunrise is coming!

 Another beautiful morning!

Viva is have a great time exploring this new area of the park.

We cruise along the loop and passed a couple of joggers which weren't a problem.

Lots and lots to smell on the shoreline!

You can see downtown Seattle off in the distance

We make our way back and we find a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier 

Viva watching all the birds in the water

Here comes the sun...

here comes Viva!

It's amazing how much the environment changes during and through a sunrise

We find forsythia in bloom

I always enjoy the look of this tree line

As we head back to the car, we find a patch of spring flowers

Viva says "Everyone should stop and smell the flowers!"

 Time to go...

We will continue our work on prepping for the next part of the loop.