Saturday, August 1, 2015

The REAL photo shoot - Part 2

We were cruising along with our photo shoot and I did get some good shoots as you can see in this post The REAL photo shoot - Part 1

After a number of shoots, King decided to just lay down on the stairs...

D'light says "King no laying down while we are working!"

"Come on mom, this is a good shot even with King kicking back"

D'light says:
 "King, I think I like your idea of laying down on the  job"

Catty says:
 "Can you believe what I'm dealing with! And King while you've sat up, you need to wake up!"

D'Light daydreaming about things to chase

The boys are getting sleepy. 
Notice in all pictures Catty always has her eyes locked onto the treat bag!

A shake of the treat bag gets everyone's attention!

Catty wants to know "What does a girl have to do to get more treats?"

D'light says "If you lay down between us, I bet that will get you more treats"
Catty's thinking this over as she's not fond of laying down on cue.

"Ok here it is! Now give me ample reward for this behavior!"

While the boys are truly napping, Catty is given rapid reinforcement for this down! I was so pleased with this behavior so, it was reward, reward and reward! 

Remember you always want to reinforce the behavior you like!

What a good looking trio!

D'light is off to find a better resting spot...

King starts to wake up.

Catty gives him the stink eye of "Don't blow this for me King, I'm getting paid really well for just laying here!"

One last adorable shot of King!

What a fun photo shoot!

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