Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Former foster girl Teo says -- Happy Halloween!

 While Teo has been adopted and gone to her new home, I couldn't help myself with this post!  When we were down in Oregon for Teo's meet up with her family, we also saw my sister and niece. My niece thought Catty needed a Halloween costume but this was way too small for snausage Catty so we decided to see if it would fit Teo. Guess what it sure did!!  Good natured Teo is use to being dressed up and as you can see she was a good sport and of course super duper cute! 
"This isn't so bad"

"Really this hat is worse than the chilly dog hood"

"Hey nice lady, can you tell my foster mom to get me out of this ridiculous outfit?"

"If I must wear it I can at least look cute"
"The hat is taking this too far!"
This was a trick but, sweet Teo got plenty of treats!  She's chopping on some cooked chicken which I'm sure was well worth the humiliation of this outfit!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Figgins AKA Mr. Fantastic!

Now of course we adore all our foster dogs and each of them often have some type of challenge to work through.  Not the case with Figgins!  Here are just a few of the reasons that I've dubbed him Mr. Fantastic:

- Loves men, women and kids. I took him to Oregon and he was fantastic with 2yr old and 7 yr old. He also likes visiting kids on our walks.   
- No guarding or food, bones or people
- Very affectionate but not bossy
- He's not a licky face guy
- Goofy, fun personality
- Super mellow, he played a lot with foster girl Teo but now that she's been adopted he's super chill.
- Great dog skills
- Likes to play fetch
- Wonderful on a leash, no pulling
- Sleeps quietly crated at night
- Travels great in a car
- New situations don't freak him out, he just rolls with whatever

Hangin with my bone

I got my eye on you!

He can laugh with you

Happy to just relax

Beyond cute

You can see the scar on his neck - I'm pretty sure he was attacked by coyotes.  However, he's moved well beyond that is just a happy go lucky boy

You can see he can tolerate a lot -- even akward Dandy while he's chewing on a bone!
Again, great dog skills, he likes to watch and see what is going on.  Smart boy since Dandy & Catty can be a bit much!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Teo has been adopted!

No big surprise that this all around wonderful little gal has quickly been adopted!  Teo will be an Oregonian and she's been adopted by our former foster pup Maggie's family.  We went down to Oregon on Thursday and Friday for a meet up and it went way better than we could have hoped for.  Maggie and Teo hit it off and were rolling around playing with each other in no time at all. Then Maggie had to show Teo around the back yard and Teo just loved following Maggie around.  Shortly after the yard tour, one of Teo's new human sisters arrived home from school and it was all love and kisses.  Teo will no doubt become fast friends with her two human sisters and she will love paling around with Maggie! 
I'm always so grateful that we are able to rescue dogs like Teo who would have otherwise been euthanized due to overpopulation of dogs and lack of shelter space. Sweet Teo is going to have an amazing life which will be full of adventures and overflowing amounts of love --- all of which she certainly deserves.
Happy new life my little girl!
resting up for her new wonderful life!

A final play session with Dandy and Figgins
Here's Maggie and she was our 4th foster dog. We were pretty clueless back then and Maggie came to us via Alabama.  Maggie was pretty sick when she came to us and New Rattitude spend  a lot of money trying to figure out what was wrong with her. After a lot of testing, Maggie was treated for lung worms.  Maggie was adopted roughly one year ago and she's been living a fairy tale life.  She goes to Oregon coast frequently, camping throughout the Pacific Northwest and then doing a ton of hunting out in her backyard at home.  Maggie catches squirrels, mice and mole -- in fact when we were visiting on Thursday she was pleased catch a mouse which just shocked me! Maggie will also be featured in the 2013 New Rattitude calendar.  Maggie's family love her dearly and it certainly shows as she is a happy, well adjusted energetic girl who is ready for anything -- including an fun loving new sister.  It's so wonderful when past adopters come back looking to add to their family and Teo is one lucky gal that this family picked her.  We can't wait to hear about Teo and Maggie's adventures!

Maggie was really sick while she was with us. 
Starting to feel better with her treatment while in our care

Maggie feeling much better -- this was last year shortly before going to her forever home

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chilly dogs!

With the cooler days everyone is please to have a sweater! I love the Chilly Dog line and as you can see, Figgins and Teo wear them well.
Staying warm when it's raining outside

They love sitting on the love seat where they have a birds eye view outside!

Love Teo's sweater with the monkey and the hood!

"Really, must I wear this hood?!"

Mr. "Handsome" Figgins

Figgins has button/folded ears which are just adorable!

Just relaxing

So the above pictures turned out well!  However that wasn't the intended photo shoot location...

Foster mom says "Teo wake up time for pictures!"

Figgins says "Really, this isn't so cool"

Teo- "Can you frikin believe this is what she woke me up for?!" 
Figgins - "Lets just get this over with"

"Lets mess with foster mom"

Figgins - "1,2,3 eyes closed"
Teo -  "Not the hood!"

"We are not having fun so we give you our not fun faces"
"Good job, I think foster mom is annoyed --- now she knows how we feel!"

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Everyone loves Molly Mutt beds...

Catty & Teo enjoying the morning sun
Figgins is doing great after his neuter surgery.  A bones makes everything feel better!
Hanging out wondering if Figgins wants to play
Is there food in the kitchen for me?

Teo & Figgins wondering if Catty wants her bed back...

These beds are more fun to play on!!!

Dandy resting, enjoying the sun

Teo gets a little bit of sun before the rain comes

rain clouds rolling in...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Who needs a blanket?!

This past Monday, after coming back in from our walk I got to cleaning and doing laundry (fun day off work).  The house was quiet and I went looking for dogs...  Figgins was at the vet getting neutered so that left me with 3 pups to go find.  I now know what goes on when we are at work...
Teo's snuggie wasn't warm enough... 

She was dead asleep when I lifted the blanket

"Oh, hello foster momma - just me, my snuggie, blankie and bone!"

Catty under the blanket

"What do you want?!"

I know that look!  It's a "Why the heck are you bugging me go away" look -- Yes Catty, I love you too!
Where's Dandy?

Sweet boy!

About an hour later I heard Dandy barking... BEWARE of the crows outside

"Don't worry Catty and Teo - I got your back"

Figgins post vet visit...
Figgins is glad that he has pain meds and they help him relax so he doesn't bother his neuter incision.  Lucky for him he has a warm, plush blanket to rest on!

But, then the drug wear off and his has to be coned because he just can't leave his incision alone.  Poor kiddo, he should be good as new by the weekend.