Thursday, December 31, 2015

Looking back at 2015...

As the year comes to an end we are happy and proud to have fostered and adopted out 4 wonderful Rat Terriers who were in need of help.  All four are doing great thanks to their wonderful adopters!
This is our lowest foster/adopt year to date since we started fostering in 2011.  Much of this is due to our busy schedules, fostering one dog at a time and taking on Viva who we knew was going to need behavior modification work.  Regardless of the number, for each of these dogs we've made a huge difference in their life.  All were scheduled for euthanasia due to shelter space and all are wonderful dogs who just needed a safe place while waiting to find their forever home.  We feel very lucky to be that safe place for all of them and as you can see they are all living a happy life.

Sweet Boom Boom was our first foster of 2015 and he was gentle little soul who is now living in Nevada. 

Foster boy two was Morrison.  Such a fun loving energetic boy who is much loved by his family here in Washington.

 You can see both of their updates in this post Boom Boom and Morrison updates!

We had a lengthy break due to me traveling but, then returned to fostering with the addition of the gentle and loving Baer.  This boy sure did hit the jack pot with his dad and they do lots of amazing hiking in Washington and Oregon.

 Here's one of many adventures in this Baer update!

Then along came tiny and happy go lucky King.  He was a ton of fun to foster and ready for any adventure.  Here's his update King update

And we still have Viva with us.  She's really a wonderful girl who needs a home who will continue to work with her to build trust in people and the outside world.  She's a special gal and someone is going to be very lucky to have her in their life.

We are looking forward to a wonderful 2016 that will no doubt be full of fun adventures and more learning!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

An early morning adventure

We had a couple of days off work due to the holidays. One of the many nice things about having some days off work was that we were able to enjoy the sunrise at Seward Park.

There are a lot of different types of birds at the park and we watched this pair for a bit.

Viva says "Enough bird watching lets get moving!"

This was a new section of the park for Viva so there was a lot to investigate.

She has her eyes on the ducks.... 

But, luckily there were more interesting things to check out!

Viva had a grand time climbing up... 

down and all around the shore front

So much to do!

The 50 ft long line has really worked out well with Viva.  It gives her a good amount of freedom while still being connected to me.

Stopping to enjoy the view!

Off she goes

She caught the whiff of something

Pretty area with lots of Madrone trees

Viva is off like a shoot after some critter

She loves to hunt and I often say that she's fun to watch.

Viva often stops to watch the birds who are busy in the tree tops. 

And when she decides something is worth hunting off she goes!

She's a huntress for sure!

Nothing much slows her down

But this did... 

We've had a lot of rain and wind over the last couple of weeks. A madorone tree has blown down in one of the storms and is now blocking the path.

Viva says "No worries, we can just go around it!"

We get around the fallen tree and Viva says "Look!"

Another Madrone has been blown over!

This was a huge tree and it must have been so loud when it came crumbling down.

Some of the large broken limbs

This is a frequent running around spot for Viva and she is perplexed as to what has happened!

Up came the whole tree!

Time to get moving!

We saw this pileated woodpecker working this tree in early November

The woodpeckers have really been busy on the same tree

They have chipped off a lot of the bark on the trees - you can see the bark at the base of the two trees they have been most active on.

Viva says "Who cares, I see a critter!"

Silly girl chased that squirrel up a tree and then continued looking for more!

Off she goes!

 After a more hunting it was time to head on out. It was a great morning outing!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Toys and more learning!

It was time for new toys and time to see who likes what....
D'light has picked his toy and he's a happy little boy!
"So much squeaking!!"
Viva has her eye on the bright blue toy!  Sweet Viva has made lots of progress around playing with toys. When she first arrived in foster care she had zero idea about what they were about.  As we worked on play she's found them to be lots and lots of fun.

"Oh I love it!"
Viva gives the blue toy a good old rattie shake!
"This toy is kind of fun too"

"I still like my first choice!"
Time to make the toy a thinking game by stuffing the blue toy into the donut. 

Both dogs having a ton of fun!

Viva figuring out how to get the blue toy out of the donut.  All that noise is D'light squeaking his toy!
This is really great for Viva as we've had all toys up since her arrival into foster care.  Bringing them out so the dogs could separately play. As I've said, Viva is not a resource guarder so that isn't an issue.  What has gone on is that Viva has been uncomfortable with everyone playing and making noises when playing.  Viva does well with D'light so, we decided to closely monitor the two of them playing with toys in the same area. Even with Viva being in our care fro about 5 months, we still manage the environment, creating a safe space for everyone. 
D'light is just pleased as punch with this noisy toy!
"Go back together!"

"Foster mom can you help?"

A great experience filled with lots of fun!
After Viva and D'light's play session guess who's turn it was...
"This is a fun one!"
"It makes lots of noise which is fun!"
"But... I'd rather us play tug!"
Catty loves to play tug!

"More playing with me!!"
"Come on, lets keep playing!"

While we were playing with Catty, Viva sat in the hallway watching. That was perfect.  She chose the distance she needed and didn't get upset with Catty playing. Good work Viva you are learning that dogs making noise and playing isn't such a scary thing!