Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hitting the park before the Seattle heat wave!

From the weather reports, we knew we were in for a lot of hot days...  So, we planed a fun outing with D'light before the heat really set in.  Catty is NOT a fan of the heat so she was happy to rest in our cool house.
Our destination was Volunteer Park!  This is a great park as it's only about a 30 minute walk from our house and there's lots to see and do at this park. 
We went on a Saturday which meant lots of activity at the park.  D'light did great and some of that is due to "critter brain".

Scoping out the environment - LOTS of trees which get's D'light very. very excite.
Within minutes of hitting the park guess what D'light caught the sent of....

Lots of critter smells and when this happens, D'light turns into a confident little dude.

"Mom and Dad, the critters are everywhere!"

The squirrels at this park are clearly dog savvy &
 they just torment the dogs that are interested in them

Mr. Squirrel just chillaxing while D'light has a barking fit

Onto more hunting

So many squirrels up in the cool trees!

We move away from the trees and that doesn't slow D'light down from looking for a critter trail...

It was getting warm so time for a water break for all of us!

Watching all the people and dogs in the park
Time to motor on for our next adventure at the park!


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