Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lots to see as we explore the trails at Tolmie State Park

As you can see D'light is a mover when it comes to hitting the trails!


D'light is sure there are critters close by!

This park has lots of interesting trees

We saw only 3 other humans while we were exploring the trails

Lot's of fallen trees which mean lots of cool places to investigate!

"Anyone in here?"

D'light is having a rat-tastic time!

Something had been digging these holes and D'light was very interested in them

We came across this huge slug

It was a long as an Iphone

Off we for more trail running

There were a number of signs on the trail giving descriptions of the trees on the trail

Here's the Old Growth 4 Prong Cedar

D'light loves to work cedar trees - he's chased many a critter up these trees

Off to the next tree!

You can see the handy work of the woodpeckers

Below is the Tree with Legs

A cool base of a tree that the woodpeckers clearly like!

So much to take in 

"I love this!"


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