Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wardrobe switch up

Baer's red sweater needed a wash and what's a boy to do?  Baer wants to be outside but in the morning, it's still a bit cold for him.

"Foster mom, I'm kinda cold"

I go find another sweater - a size larger than his red sweater.


Baer says "Good news as I can still play with my toys in this sweater that really doesn't fit me very well!". As you can see Baer loves his small squeaky toys.

"Foster mom what is with the fit of this sweater?!"

I don't know what is up with this sweater, it's like they forgot to sew up the chest! 

"I don't think this is a good look for me"

"But, I can nap in it and I hope my red sweater will be ready soon!"

Good news - Red sweater is back!
After a walk, looks who's ready to test it out with a good nap and of course his favorite toys close by.


Saturday, May 30, 2015

What does Baer do when we are back from a walk?

Baer enjoys kicking back as quickly as we get home from our walks.  As you can see, he was resting before I could get his harness off of him.

He's so handsome and he starts snoozing pretty quickly!

"Oh hi foster mom - you ready to take my harness off?"

And once his harness is off, Baer goes back to doing what he loves... relaxing!

A couple minutes go by...

Sweet relaxed Baer!


Friday, May 29, 2015

The Rat Scratch

Baer LOVES to get his scratch on. He will do this after he's gone to the bathroom or pretty much anytime!

See the scratch

However, Baer has taken his scratch to a level that gives me a side ache from laughing.

"My moves are pretty amazing aren't they?!"


"Oh yeah I'm awesome!"

"Check me out!"

"Do you see why my foster mom calls me super scratch?"

"How about this - I can straighten out my leash with these moves!"

Silly, silly boy is just about all I can say!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Morning walks with Baer

Baer is not fond of being away from humans and we work out of the home. So one way we attempt to reduce his anxiety is to walk at least an hour each morning before we leave for work.

Here's a great article that doesn't surprise me at all  Can something as easy as a daily walk affect your dog's stress response?

Baer and I have a number of routes we take to keep it interesting.  All this walking wears out Baer's brain and body, getting him ready for our work day. 

Baer looks like he's doing some yoga!

Off we go!

On the move looking for critters

No problem with any of the terrain

A quick stop to let other animals know he's been here!

For the most part, Baer likes to keep moving which is nice.

"Who's been here?"

"I hear something!"

Scanning the environment

He flushed out a small bird

Off we go

"Are you coming?"

Baer is an excellent walking/hiking partner!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Crow patrol

After a good morning workout (walking for the boys & Nose Work class for Catty) it was time to lounge outside on the deck.

While it was in the mid 60's Baer opted to wear his sweater.

 D'light finds his spots and is on crow patrol

He's sniffing the air for crows...

"Hi mom!"

 D'light watching & wishing for a crow sighting.  
Catty contemplating if she also needs to be on crow patrol.

Catty would rather not share the bed however, D'light isn't giving up his spot!

Both decide that there's plenty of room for them on the bed.
Of course at one point they both unleashed their crazy terrier selves when a crow landed close by.  

Sweet Baer was interested in the crows.  However, he didn't make a peep while Catty and D'light were barking up a storm.
Oh Baer you are so dang adorable & such a good quiet boy!

Catty is done with crow patrol and ready to kick back

Time to rest...

and nap!

Where was D'light?
After crow patrol he went inside to rest on his electric blanket - here's how we found him.

Big yawn!


Big stretch!

"Are we doing something?"


"I'd rather just keep resting!"


So, rest and relax it was until mid afternoon when we all went for another walk!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Checking out Cromwell Park

Catty and I had an early morning Nose Work class.  So, why not bring the whole crew along so everyone can have an adventure!  We arrived about an hour early - Catty stayed in the car chewing on her bone and I took D'light and Baer out to explore the park.

D'light on critter patrol and Baer is ready for whatever!

D'light is hoping he can find something to chase after.  
Baer is not slowed down by his sweater.

"No critters but, lots to smell!"

Both boys wanted to make sure everyone knew they had been at the park!

Baer starting to get his scratch on

Scratch on Baer...

Off to check out the other end of the park 

D'light has caught a whiff of something...

Sniffing and watching

Baer did see a squirrel in the distance.   Baer is a top notch, stealth critter hunter and that includes cat hunting as well.  He goes into full terrier brain even if a cat isn't moving.

D'light wondering why there weren't any critters at this park!

Baer ready to get moving

"Who's been here?"

Baer loves to be out and about!

Lots to take in

As usual Baer didn't miss a beat

One more sniff before heading back to the car!

The boys rested while Catty and I had an excellent Nose Work class.  Then it was time to head home and enjoy the sun.