Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Carver Park here we come - Part 2 of 3

On this adventure, D'light did a lot of looking up.  This is a fairly new behavior for him and it's been fun to watch.

In this batch of trees, we watched something unfold that we've not seen in D'light...

"Something is up here"

He watches...

And then this behavior!

He's up on his hind feet trying to get closer to what he wants to smell.

Oh stretching his neck and legs!

He tries to get at it from a different angle

And we got video! 

We move down to another section and more of the same behavior

You can see that even in a standing position he has his nose up and is sniffing the air

Time to move on and the roots don't slow him down

Sorting out where to go next

Here we go!

After checking out trees it was time for some great photo shots!

Time to move on!

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