Monday, October 14, 2013

Hood Hounds

Hey all you Seattle area peeps, are you looking for a pet photographer that adds a little zip to your photo experience?  If so I'd recommend:

Danny was charged with creating an exhibit at our neighborhood coffee shop  Cupcake Royale.   The exhibit  "Hood Hounds" is a neighborhood project which features local dogs (and goats!) in Madrona with an emphasis on getting to know your local furry friends.   

We were originally scheduled for an outdoor photo shoot but, the weather had other plans. So Danny came over to our house and as you can see captured some great shots of both Catty and D'light.  As you know from my blog, I take lots of pictures.  But, I really like Danny's twist to the coloring, and the expressions he's able to capture.  And as you can see Catty and D'light thought Danny was pretty great! 

Sweet D'light has come a long ways since coming into our care back in October 2011. Back then if we even looked at him he would cower in fear, his ears would pin back and tail completely tucked. Way to go D'light - you are a special boy who has made huge strides!

Great contrast of color and I love D'lights expression.
 And Catty girl - during this photo shoot it was about showing off her tricks for treats! There were lots of "sitting pretty", high fives and anything else she thought would earn her a treat.  What Catty quickly figured out was that if she sat still (I wanted her adorable spotted belly captured in the photo) that would earn her a fabulous treat!  Catty was a bit disappointed when Danny left the house...
Again, love the contrast of color. 

The below picture was chosen for "Hood Hounds" exhibit. It's beautiful and looks amazing with it's white mat and white frame! 
And thank you to Danny for not only choosing to exhibit D'light but, for also giving a shout out to New Rattititude and rescue!  On the info tag next to D'light is the link to New Rattitude, gotta love the publicity.
So if you are in Madrona, stop by Cupcake Royale to see some great photo's!  This exhibit run for the months of October and November.
And of course, if you're interested in scheduling your own photo shoot click here to contact Danny
Sweet D'light

Monday, October 7, 2013

Bésoleil update!

Here's another great update! Sweet Bésoleil quickly settled into her home and she's been a very busy girl.  She and her parents completed doggie class at University Canine Learning Academy and no big surprise Bésoleil was a super star. 

Still cute as ever!

Bésoleil has spent time out on her parents boat and has been having tons of fun. Lots of folks comment on how cute she is and and they get to hear about New Rattitude which we love!

Bésoleil loves to play, play and play - she keeps her parent on their toes!

            She loves to cuddle under the blankets

And then it's time for more play!

And who can resit a nap in the sun
Happy life little Bésoleil we are thrilled to have fostered such an amazing little gal!

Friday, October 4, 2013

D'light & his new toy!

With such crappy weather, we bought a new toy for D'light!  I wasn't sure what he would think... here's the series of his reactions!
He then drug the big lug of a toy up onto his bed...
Trying to figure out how to make it talk
And some success with it talking
D'light, getting more and more excited. Catty checking to see if food comes out of this toy.  Since it doesn't she sees no point in playing with it!
And who's talking to who?!  That growling you hear is D'light...

"You are the best toy ever!"

If you think your pup might light this toy, it is available at the New Rattitude ReTail store.  Listed as Hard-Boiled Softies  The size D'light has is the regular sized hard boiled softie toy.