Monday, July 13, 2015

D'light asks "What happened?"

There's a section of yard at our in-laws home that D'light loves.

He notices it's not the same as last summer!

He moves to the other side to get a better view...

"Mom do you see this?"

So, what's happened?  Lots of thinning of the plants around the pond.  Which means not as many plants to critter in!  The new landscape looks great and the bench that D'light has found is a new and nice feature.

Catty says, "No problem and there's still lots to investigate."

D"light has always liked this rock and now thanks to the thinning of plants, there's more surface space on the rock which is a bonus.

D"light says "Wew!"
Not to worry as the part of the pond area that D'light enjoys the most is still full of plants to climb through.

He loves to hunt in here - I don't think he's ever found anything

Watching and waiting!

"Is there something down here?!"

He spends a lot of time with his head down in the plants!

Catty his having her own good time! She enjoys watching the tadpoles and water bugs.

There's D'light under the Japanese Maple

Both dogs finding lots to smell!

Hunt, hunt and more hutting!

Catty enjoys sitting on the new bench

Then it's time to rest in the shade while D'light keeps at the hunting!

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