Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lots of fun on the vacay!

After a good night of sleep, Catty was ready to play!

So, there was a game of tug

And then D'light was ready for some morning outside time

  There's always lots to do outside and D'light finds this rock to climb on. 

Catty says "Oh are we playing this game?  Move over D'light, I'm coming up"

"I love this game of jumping up on things!"

Time for more investigation

Guess who found another rock to climb up on.  Catty does a lot of core/body work on her fit paw equipment so she often is ready to jump on things in the environment.

D'light wants up on this rock so scoot over Catty

"Hey mom get our picture!"

Funny dogs

No idea why everyone is leaning sideways!

They move on to explore the next section and Catty sees something

Another rock to perch on

"Where are the treats- I'm doing a lot of body conditioning here!"

Guess who joins in!

As we move on D'light give me his full attention.  He's figured out something has changed in the yard...

Catty says "Who cares, look at me on this other rock!"

Stay tuned to see the change D'light has noticed 

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