Saturday, January 31, 2015

Boom Boom graduates to the flower feeder

Now that Boom Boom has acclimated to the slow down feeder  it was time to move up in the interactive feeder world.  

Next step has been the flower feeder - this is one of my favorite feeders!

Boom Boom was ready to give the flower feeder a try and as you will see he was a rock star!

"This is a bit strange"

figuring out how to get the food out

This feeder really works Boom Boom's brain and it builds his confidence.  
It also takes him a good 10 minutes to eat his 1/3 of kibble!

All done and good boy Boom Boom!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Photo shoot on the stairs!

If you follow my blog you know what this post is about. I often try to get a good picture of Catty, D'light and our current foster together on the top of our stairs.  The photo shoot always produces some amusing photos and this time I used video.  The video was a good thing since I couldn't get a decent photo of all three.  You will soon see why that was!
Gathering at the top of the stairs
And here's what Boom Boom does - he's much more interested in giving loves and kisses to me!
We regroup and finally get everyone at the top of the stairs and two dogs think it's fun time that doesn't include the photo shoot.

D'light is so confused as to what is going on.  He knows this drill and clearly Catty and Boom Boom have other plans.

Catty wants to add a prop to the photo shoot and D'light just wants to get this going!

 Boom Boom arrives...
Best picture and Boom Boom can barely sit sill as he wants to play (thus why his ears are in their position)!

Boom Boom says "Catty can we go play?"

Boom Boom is off to find something more entertaining!

D'light isn't far behind

Catty says "Where did everyone go? I'm ready for the photo shoot!"


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Boom Boom the entertainer

Boom Boom LOVES toys and he's a funny little guy who often entertains us and a himself with his toy antics!  Here's an earlier post of Boom Boom and a different toy Who loves toys?

The longer he's in foster care the more playful he's getting with the toys.  I believe that playing with toys elicits creativity and builds confidence so, a win win for little Boom Boom!

"I have you!"

Here he is being adorable...

and then just flat out silly!

Pausing for a photo and looking pretty fabulous!

Then time to head to hang out with some toys on his mat while we make dinner!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Off to the vet we go

Last week, Boom Boom and I headed to the vet to have his microchip inserted!  Boom Boom was a bit worried about the visit but, overall he did well.  He also weighed in at 11.5 pounds.

"What is this place?"

"Oh my are those treats?"

He hears dogs barking and doesn't bark back - good boy Boom Boom.

Still a bit worried...

I get down on the floor with him and offer him some salmon skin treats.

He enjoyed the treats but, my lap trumped the treats.  I did some TTouch touches with Boom Boom and it was a nice experience for both of us.  

Boom Boom was more than ready to head home after his big vet visit!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Boom Boom & Catty say "Lets play!"

"Wanna play?!"

The last foster dog we had that Catty was willing to play with was back in June of 2013.   So when she started initiating play with Boom Boom to play we were a bit surprised (as was Boom Boom).

Since the initial play session the two have had a number of play sessions and it's hoot to watch.  Here's just a snip it of the fun!  Silly, silly dogs and it's fun to watch Catty cutting loose!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Boom Boom working the slow feeder

Like many dogs, Boom Boom gobbles up his food at meal time.  So to slow him down I had him start eating out of a slow feeder bowl.  This bowl also works Boom Boom's brain and he has to figure out how to eat the kibble with the weird shape of the bowl.

"What is this strange bowl?"
As you can see Boom Boom does great!  And and by working through this challenge this also boosts his confidence.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Who loves toys?

Boom Boom does!  

Now that he's settled into the house, he's yet to meet a toy he doesn't like. 
We've also made playing with toys fun by incorporating fetch.  Boom Boom is a  smart little guy who's also turning into a real love bug.

Ready for more play time!

Who's enjoying his mat?

Boom Boom is and lots of great things happen on his mat!
He thought this chew was pretty great.

Worth laying down to chew on!

The wind outside caused a bit of panic

But, he recovered quickly and back to chewing!

Handsome fella who is settling into house living!



Friday, January 9, 2015

Boom Boom gets out & about

The rain has stopped so Boom Boom and I headed out for a walk.    Boom Boom is wearing the Balance Harness and it fits him great!  Notice no harness in his arm pits.

I'm ready to go...


Lots to smell

Lots to see and Boom Boom is ready to critter

There were a couple of loud trucks that caused some worry for Boom Boom  - thus the raised paw.  With some reassurance Boom Boom was able to move on.  If anyone tells you not to reassure/comfort your scared dog they are misinformed. Here's a good post Myth of Reinforcing Fear that gives some great information & Here's also a excellent blog fearfuldogs by Debbie Jacobs.

We take a break to watch the activity of the neighborhood.

Boom Boom did well for his first city walk - it was a lot for him to take in. 

Ready to get going...

Off we go!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Adjustments to the hardwood floors - Part 2

 We start to expand eating on the mat.  Most of the feeding is done by me tossing the kibble onto the mat but, then we have a few off the mat and then back to the mat.  At any point Boom Boom could leave or if he stopped eating I would have a pretty big clue that this is to stressful.

Good boy Boom Boom!  We will keep at this feeding routine for a bit. 

Boom Boom is pretty thin.  You can kinda see his hip bones poking out.  He has longer hair so it hides his bones a bit. He needs to gain probably 2 pounds. His coat is also flakey and course - good foods and coconut oil will get his coat looking fantastic. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Adjustments to the hardwood floors - Part 1

Boom Boom wants to be in proximity to everyone so, to do that it means walking on the hardwood floor.  Despite Boom Boom making it onto the floor on his own - he's still worried and I'm going to help him out.

I put a blanket down on next to our dinning room table (we spend a lot of time at this table) and Boom Boom had the choice to walk a couple of feet to station on the blanket which is now his mat.  This was all Boom Boom's choice.  There is carpet in our hallway which is about 5-6 ft from our dinning room and he could sit on the carpet and still be in proximity to us.

You can see by his ears that he's a bit worried with his decision.

But, he's quickly rewarded for his choice!

Look at those ears now - lucky for us Boom Boom is food motived.

He decides that this isn't so bad and lays down to kick back.
Boom Boom has 100% choice is staying on his mat or leaving.

And guess what?  Treats fall from the sky for his choices!

And here's Boom Boom eating part of his meal on a mat in the kitchen with the hardwoods under the mat.  Good boy Boom Boom.

After his snack he opted to go back to his mat in the dinning room.  Sweet boy!

"Now if I could just scratch off this blasted collar!"