Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A great walk on a beautiful fall day

Fall is here and when it's not raining we are getting all three dogs out for a needed walk.  Catty and Seven don't mind the rain but D'light hates it.  

On this walk we found some lovely trees and we all had a great time.

A massive cedar tree

Off we go - I take D'light and Catty, Seven walks with foster dad.

I admire the tree and D'light is hoping a squirrel will appear!

And we found this!

We stop to look at some other trees. The dogs are watching the crows...

Catty says "Ok they've left so lets go!"

The boys are still on crow watch!

Done with crow watch, Seven heads over to Catty to say "Can you tell the humans lets get going!"

Catty delivering the message...

Catty waiting for an answer and Seven telling D'light to go ask if we can get going!

Restless terriers ready to get moving - there places to go and things to see!

Off we go!

D'light is sure there is some critter hiding in this fallen tree!

Beautiful willow

True terriers - all three are always ready for the hunt

Time to get moving

D'light and Seven checking out what may be living under the hedge. Catty being the smart terrier that she is, knows there's nothing there so why waste time!

We covered a good 8 miles on this walk!

Found this interesting tree

And with fall being in full swing we found this yard decorated with pumpkins!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Who's the lightest dog in the house?

It's now Seven and he's hit his goal weight!  

When Seven arrived to us back in late July he was a bit of a sausage weighing in at 14.4 pounds and his coat was dull and flakey.
Seven while at the shelter

Seven is now 12.4 pounds!  

Keep in mind Seven eats twice a day.  He's fed a high quality grain free food along with coconut oil - his coat is now soft and shiny. Remember that we do use food as a reinforcer when we are training. Despite all of this he's still lost a lot of weight due to portion control on our part.  His meals are measured out and when training, we use treats that are easy to tear into small pieces.  Seven has no idea the size of the treat - he just knows he gets food as a reinforcer for giving us the behavior we are asking from him.

Look at his beautiful muscle definition thanks to all the walking we've done with Seven 

Way to go Seven you look spectacular and you clearly feel wonderful with getting rid of that extra weight.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Play time!

Look who is beyond adorable in is sweater!

Seven says "lets play!"

With the rain coming down, we've been burning energy  in the house playing with his green monster.  Even though we are playing we are still training around impulse control and manners.  Good boy Seven - you're such a smart boy!

I love Seven's intense look of  "I'm ready for more playing - are you?"

Cutest picture ever!

D'light wondering what he can do for fun

"I have a plan mom!"

What a silly, silly boy!  He's climbed into his extra large sleep sack and found this toy

"I have you!"

A good time of staying warm and hanging out with my toy!

Catty was watching the boys play and she thinks they are crazy to be playing when there's a perfect sun spot!

Getting sleeping in the sun

"Sun you'd best not be leaving me!"

Time to get some sleep in the warm sun

And by this time Seven has found another sun spot to kick back and relax in!

While Seven is full of energy, fun and personality - he does have an off switch when he gets enough mental and physical stimulation!  He's a fantastic little fella.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sweater time!

Burrr.... it's cold in the morning and since we haven't turned on our heat, it's time to pull out the sweaters.  D'light has actually been wearing a sweater for the last couple of weeks. 

Seven looks great in orange!

D'light had zero interest in a sweater photo shoot - lucky for me the one picture I took turned out ok!  

Catty doesn't like sweaters but, she's happy to come over for a photo shoot treat!

Time to get some rest!

Sleepy dogs on a rainy Seattle morning

D'light is ready to sleep!

Sweet boy warm and snug as a bug in a rug!

Seven wondering why I'm bothering him...

"I just want to rest"

"If I ignore you - will you please go away!"

"You're still there..."

"Ok one cute photo and then please let me sleep in peace!"

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

D'light & the love of his life

You can see what D'light thought of "rest time". He's on the back of the couch looking out the window, longing to get back outside!

Outside we go and lucky for D'light we're about to have some mind blowing fun!

"Is that what I think it is?!"

"I have to see!!!"

"Oh YES it is!!"

"I want it now!"

"Lets do this!!"

Before I can get the lure set he's acting like a crazy dog!

And how can I set it up when he's doing this?!  He had me laughing up a storm.

Finally I had to put him in the house so I could set the course.

Off it goes and D'light has more fun chasing the line than the actual lure!

He does a lot of running at the line with his mouth wide open

He gets a lot of exercise with chasing the line and then the lure!

Trying to patiently wait for another chase of the lure

"Please move so I can chase you!"

"Still waiting..."

"Mom, make it move"

"I guess I have to get it moving on my own!"

Getting in the box to get at the spool of string!

Back in the house he goes while I set up the course and then off he goes!

"I love my lure!"

Back at the box again...

Best time ever! 

 D'light is in need of a break which he doesn't agree with...  

Watching out the window... wishing to chase his lure!

There's no doubt he can't wait to head back down to our  in-laws to play with his favorite toy in the world!