Saturday, July 11, 2015

D'light doing his thing on vacay!

Time to survey the yard...

This isn't about looking for critters...

It's looking for flat, fast moving ground...

D'light has found the perfect location

"Come on!!"

"No more pictures - get dad and let's do this!"

It's lure time!!

D'light knows exactly what this red box does

"Hurry up dad get it set up!"

As a result of D'light's excitement, we've had an issue with the lure in the past. D'light gets so amped up during set up - he wants to pull on the line and this isn't good for the lure.  We try raising the line up to see if he would just walk off and then set it on the ground.  No such luck as you can see.  So, D'light has to be held while the lure is set up!

Off he goes and here he is at the end of the run. You can see from his body language how much he loves his lure.

"More, more, more luring!!"

"Hurry up dad! Mom you stay away as I don't need you holding me back!"

Happy, happy rattie boy

During a run, the lure got caught on a plant so, D'light is after the line as he LOVES to grab the line!  We had to hustler over to pick up D'light since he's not suppose to be grabbing the line.

"I'm ready for more!"

He just finished a run and he's getting ready to jump and grab the lure bag!

Dancing for the lure...

"Hurry up as I'm losing my mind!"

Run rattie run!

And time for a game of tug with dad

"I caught it so give it to me!"

D'light is one happy boy who loves his lure

And what does he look like when we are done luring?

The weather was hot in Oregon so, we did morning runs and  a lot of brief runs throughout the days.  As you can imagine D'light loved being in vacay!

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