Thursday, July 16, 2015

Carver Park here we come - Part 3 of 3

We headed further down the park and find this cool fallen tree.

We guessed that it was 50/50 if D'light would be interested in walking on the fallen tree.

D'light says "With mom in front and dad in back, I can do this!"

Lots to take in  for D'light and I walked up the fallen tree to catch this picture.

I climb down and jump into the water to see if D'light might follow me. 

D'light didn't follow me into the water but, went right up the fallen tree!

He did stop when we asked him to which was good since the tree was about 30 feet up in the air!

"There's lots to see up here!"

"Here I come!"

Taking it all in

"What's down here?"

"Hey mom, what are you doing over there?"

 Mr. brave boy ventures out into the water! 

There's a lot going on here for D'light.  Uneven rocks, moving water and the water itself.  He was a super start!

And then time to get back up to dad

"Oh wait dad, I want to go back up this log!"

"Hi mom, get my picture!"

Nose up and the sniffing continues!

Time to move on

On last look before we head back to the car

A fun location for sure!  As I said in an earlier post, this was a small park but, if you slow down and look around there are often lots of environmental enrichment opportunities!

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