Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Carver Park here we come - Part 1 of 3

 While there's lots to do on our in-laws property, getting out in new environments is excellent for D'light.

Given it was HOT over the 4th of July weekend, we headed out early in the morning and this park was empty!

D'light taking everything in...

Watching the river - I'm sure there must have been so much to smell in the air.  D'light has the paw lift as he's not 100% sure of this new place.

We walk around and as usual trees get his mind thinking of something other than worry.   We did a good walk through the tree area and while there weren't any critters, D'light quickly decided this place isn't so bad.

"What's going on here?"

Up he goes, leveraging the tree to get a better sniff

"Any critters home?"

We move on and find a good spot to look up into the trees

Watching the Clackamas River

While this park is small, it provides a lot of enrichment opportunity for D'light.

The boat ramp has an interesting texture

D'light is getting into his groove and this is proving to be a fun experience!

We find some rocks to check out

"Ummm, not sure how to get back down"

Sweet boy figures it out and we are off to the next adventure

D'light definitely in critter mode

"Wow check out the moving water!"

D'light wanted to go down but, so many roots.  He quickly figures it out and off he goes 

Lots to smell and see


D'light heads over to batch of bushes and notice that nose in the air!

Enough of this section of the park

 Off we go so stay tuned...

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