Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bésoleil, the girl of many poses

Bésoleil is a funny, funny girl.   She has us laughing when she's awake or asleep! 
Here's an earlier post with some of her odd sleeping positions Besoleil says ok summer may be here
And then here's more! This was throughout the day on yesterday...

How is this comfortable?

Better - that looks more comfortable!

The I found her in this position
Fast asleep

Oh sweet Bésoleil you are a delightful little gal!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I really want to play with that pink elephant!

Video and pictures were from Tina's second day in foster care.
As with all fosters, during the first days (if not weeks, depending on the dog) we just let the dog be.  No grabbing or forcing them to engage with us.  Given Tina was pretty stressed her first couple days with us, these guidelines were even more important.  There was no force of any kind and that model of working with her has really paid off. 
Below you can see Tina has found a bed she likes and watch her - you can see she really wants to play with that pink elephant.  And as often the case, Bésoleil is a total goof ball with pink elephant!

You can see Tina is conflicted. She wants to play but, isn't sure about Bésoleil or me.  You can see this act out by how she "nibbles" at the bed.  This is a stress sign for her.  Instead of getting after her for the nibbling I gently interrupt the behavior by moving my fingers - this isn't a threat, I'm not making her do anything.  Instead with the "distraction" of my fingers, she stops on her own and changes her behavior. 

 This was seconds after the above video - look what Tina is up too! Again you can see her doing some of the nervous nibs.  She's excited about the pink elephant but still trying to take in her new environment.  As you will see in coming posts, Tina give lots of signs and warnings when she is stressed and/or conflicted. 
Wondering what Bésoleil was up to while Tina was playing with pink elephant...
Do not let Bésoleil's size fool you - she's a tough little brod who likes to play rougher than most dogs that pass through our house.  You can see we play a little rough and then I back off - she can move away whenever she wants.  And a little bit of this play can go along way for other dogs in the house watching.  So, I stop the play by giving Bésoleil an antler and off she goes!
"Love this elephant!"

Sweet girl having fun

"I have you now!"

"I'm getting it good!"

Smiling as she and pink elephant relax
 And where was Bésoleil after so much fun...

sacked out and ready for a nap!


Friday, June 28, 2013

Who's happy the sun is here?

The crew of ratties at my house that's who! 
Pretty Tina kicking back
D'light watching a bird

 Bésoleil loves the sun!
Getting so sleepy...
fast asleep
Dlight dreaming of chasing birds!

Sweet rattie crew!

 And this video is just adorable - Tina is really settling in and she's a sweet, funny little gal.    Bésoleil as you can see is being her usual laid back, good natured self.
 Whoever adopts either of these girls is really in for a treat!  

Tina and the horn

As you saw in an earlier post Bésoleil loves water buffalo horns.  So, I was curious to see what Tina thought of the horn.   
"Yes I love this thing!"
This kept her busy for a good while!
It's nice to see that she feeling comfortable and getting her chew on!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Out for a morning walk - so much to see!

I opted to take just 2 dogs out for a very long walk - good decision on my end!  So the nod went to Bésoleil & Tina.  I will tell you right now - these girls love to go, go, go. They are both great walking partners.
 Bésoleil  sees a crow.  Tina could care less and is ready to move.

Tina's side profile
 These truly are great girls!

Tina says "enough with the pictures, lets go!"

Tina's profile - cute girl!
Check out what we saw! I was sad that I couldn't grab my camera quick enough - we saw this bald eagle dive down into Lake Washington, get a fish and then be chased by crows with the flailing fish. Amazing what one sees in their neighborhood!

Back to the walk... we are down by Lake Washington and the girls get to experience lots of new things.

Bésoleil checking out the birds - that's Bellevue across the way.

Tina interested in the paddle boarder

Bésoleil curious about the water and wondering if she can catch a bird!

Tina curious about the people on the beach getting read to go in for a swim

So much to see!
Bésoleil decides maybe she'd like to chase the water - she quickly changes her mind!

Humm.... not so sure about this water thing.

But, there's lots of fun stuff to smell

Look at pretty Tina!

And here's what happens to these two fun girls post walk...

Bésoleil  finds a nice soft bed

Tina's spot - she loves to lay on this window seat

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New foster girl Suri aka Tina Fey

While we do our best with matching up dog to adopters, sometimes it just doesn't work out.  That was the case with Suri who's New Rattitude name is Tina Fey (Tina).
For ease of tracking, I will refer to her as her New Rattitude name but, on video you will hear me call her Suri since that's the name she know so, that's what we call her at home.
Tina was fostered by a different foster parent back in 2012 and then adopted by a family during the summer of 2012.  Tina started off great in her new home but, started struggling in December.  Despite everything her family tried, Tina just wasn't doing well.  Tina has been having a number of seizure and despite being on medication, seizure breakthroughs were still occurring.  The thing with seizures, you want to get them managed as each seizure impacts the brain. 
So, after much deliberation the decision was made to return Tina to New Rattitude.  This wasn't about this family not loving Tina, it was a case of just not a good environmental fit.  Tina's family household was very active and everyone agrees she needs a quiet home.  Our household is quiet and predictable so with K (now June) being adopted, it was decided that Tina would come to us.  We picked up Tina this past Saturday and she's doing well!
In the coming weeks we will let Tina settle in, work on calming her brain with exercise, TTouch and general quiet time.  We also have a scheduled appointment with a well respected holistic vet to go over Tina's medications and get a treatment plan in place.
I will tell you Tina is a funny little gal - she's about 9lbs and a pistol!  She has a huge personality and I bet you fall in love with her so beware.
Tina's first day with us - as you can see she has a lot of Chihuahua in her looks

relaxing in the sun

It's getting hot out here!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Syncline now Maddie update!

We have been lucky enough to see Maddie and her family at the meet ups!  No big surprise, she's doing amazing and her parents think she's pretty awesome!  Maddie and her parents have been attending class at University Canine Learning Academy which is my favorite school in the Seattle area!  And as expected, Maddie is a super star at class and is learning all kinds of great skills.
What else is Maddie up to... she gets around Seattle to the great parks like Gas works: 
Watching the boats in Lake Union - Space Needle in the background

Great people watching!

Pretty Maddie girl!
And Maddie gets to hiking in the National Forest!
Hiking with her mom on the Alpine Lakes trail

So much to see!
Lots to take in!

A moment of sweet talk!

Happy girl with an awesome life - hard to think Maddie barely made it out of the shelter.

Attack of the frog!

Bésoleil love toys and she thinks this frog is the bomb!  Everyday Bésoleil makes us laugh with her silliness.  If you having a bad day, Bésoleil is the kind of dog that will quickly cheer you up!
Bésoleil getting ready...

to attack the frog!
You get it Bésoleil!

Tuckered out from the attack!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Guess what we have...

Water buffalo horns!  Catty could care less - too much work and no pay off. But, D'light and Bésoleil have other thoughts.  You can see Bésoleil was bit nervous at first but, that quickly changed.

This kept her busy for a good while!
 Bésoleil working the horn

 D'light's interested in antlers and this horn are all new. And I'm just thrilled for him!
"Paw lickin good!"

Darby update!

For those of you who don't know of Darby,  click HERE and roll down to Darby for a cliff notes version of her. Darby is the reason I started blogging - I needed people to see all of Darby and what she was capable of.  I didn't want people to be put off or feel sad for her because she was blind.
The blog is the reason Darby (and many of our other special needs foster dogs) have been adopted.  Using this tool I can show and talk a lot about the dog and an applicant/adopter can see the journey the dog has  been on while in foster care with us.
Darby in foster care 2012
I recently received an email from Darby's dad and here's the poem he wrote about her.  Darby lives with her dad, 2 dog siblings and 2 cats.  Beware, you may want tissues close by!

The Mystery of Darby
Where does she go in her mind when darkness is her constant companion?
When she sleeps she utters little cooing noises that speak sometimes of
complete contentment and more rarely of mild fright and uncertainty.
When she wants to play and wrestle, she seeks out Butch and they do their
faux-fighting dance and cover as much ground as possible.
When she needs non-human comfort, grooming and warmth, she goes to
the big shaggy body of Jango who caresses her with his paws and configures
himself into a large comma so she can snuggle close and fall peacefully
asleep in his powerful embrace where she feels safe and protected.
When she feels the need for exploration and freedom, she romps the fields
and woods fearlessly in her darkened world, sightless but alert never disturbed by obstacles that impede her progress of seeking out a new world to experience and embrace. 
Her joyful approach to life is most evident
under these circumstances of unlimited, unimpeded adventuring.
There are those times, though, when it is with me that she seeks assurance and
stability. She knows these times and comes to where I am either asking to
snuggle against my leg while I sit in my lounge chair or parking her warm
body on my lap as I watch TV or entangling her self under my feet as busy
myself with chores or engage in a long walk. She knows what goes on between
us and it is that bond of thankfulness and trust that we have developed
between us.
She knows she is loved and has finally come home to where her persistent distant calling has led her.
Darby is no longer that pathetic blind canine who escaped death by needle.
She is what all dogs long for, and that is to be part of the human experience
of being seen as a faithful companion, giving more than she receives and being
known as a member of a living team of trusting partners.
There is no joy as wonderful as this: A free spirit that allows herself to be
shared, enjoyed and loved, who gives unselfishly and is devoid of all judgment.

Darby & D'light when we were out visiting!

If you want to see more of Darby here's a post of when we went out last summer to visit her and her family. 

Again stories like this is why we foster and why we can let the fosters go. Darby has an amazing family and we feel lucky to have played a very small role in helping her to find happiness, love and adventure.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bésoleil and the green feeder

Bésoleil has much longer snout than most of the pups that pass through our house. So I was curious to see how she would do with the Green feeder.  Of course she did great and had fun during her meal!
"Lets eat!"
"I've got this not problem!"