Friday, January 30, 2015

Photo shoot on the stairs!

If you follow my blog you know what this post is about. I often try to get a good picture of Catty, D'light and our current foster together on the top of our stairs.  The photo shoot always produces some amusing photos and this time I used video.  The video was a good thing since I couldn't get a decent photo of all three.  You will soon see why that was!
Gathering at the top of the stairs
And here's what Boom Boom does - he's much more interested in giving loves and kisses to me!
We regroup and finally get everyone at the top of the stairs and two dogs think it's fun time that doesn't include the photo shoot.

D'light is so confused as to what is going on.  He knows this drill and clearly Catty and Boom Boom have other plans.

Catty wants to add a prop to the photo shoot and D'light just wants to get this going!

 Boom Boom arrives...
Best picture and Boom Boom can barely sit sill as he wants to play (thus why his ears are in their position)!

Boom Boom says "Catty can we go play?"

Boom Boom is off to find something more entertaining!

D'light isn't far behind

Catty says "Where did everyone go? I'm ready for the photo shoot!"


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