Thursday, July 30, 2015

One Flea everyone loves!

As many know I'm a huge fan of all the staff at Urban Animal .  They know me well since I bring my personal dogs and all our foster dogs to see them.  However, I really adore Dr. Cherri Trusheim.  Dr. Tursheim has been beyond helpful with some of our tougher foster dogs, she was super supportive of all the vet prep that I did with D'light and she and the clinic are very pro rescue.

Lucky for us that Dr. Trusheim was working the day King and I visited and Dr. Trusheim had her 8 month old, 4lb Chihuahua (Flea) at the office! 

I met Flea back in February, the first week Dr. Trusheim had her - talk about teeny tiny.  Baby Flea was found on the side of the road with a couple of her litter mates.  Her litter mates had passed away leaving just little Flea in the container they were dumped in. Flea came to the clinic for care before going to the shelter and that's when Dr. Tursheim and her wife Taya Maes decided to adopt this little one.  Flea lives with her two 70+ pound Pitbull sisters (Floyd and Betty White) and they are a trio.  When out on walks they get lots of head turns and comments!

King weighs in at 9 pounds and he looks like a big dog next to 4 pound Flea.

"Lets play!"

Cute video's of the little ones:

I love Flea's pawing and the the butt bump at King

Flea showing off her moves and King's tail just keeps a going

This was a fun vet visit for both of us!

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