Monday, September 30, 2013

Efeste update!

Efeste's mom sent me these pictures and video a little bit ago and also let me know her new name is Rue.  An adorable name for an adorable puppy!
Looking adorable in her sweater
Rue lives on 5 acres with horses, chickens and cats. So, she has a lot to keep her busy.   Remember how I did so much front packing with Rue? Well that has carried over to her mom front packing Rue while they go horse back riding.  Rue loves getting out and it's a great way to continue to expand & enrich her world.
Rue also gets to go with her mom to work which is doing wonders in the socialization/positive exposure department.  Rue is meeting lots of people, other dogs and cats!  Of course everyone things she just the cutest thing ever and that's so true. 
Here's Rue hanging with the chickens - made me laugh as they clearly boss her around!

And Rue meeting one of the kitty's - She more concerned with her new collar than this kitty.
So, Rue has a wonderful life!  And while I don't miss all that puppy business, we were happy to be the bridge that helped her find a wonderful home that loves all of her - puppy and all.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New banner

Its that time of year... for a new banner picture.  Catty and D'light have been in each yearly picture and it's cool to see how both dogs have changed with time.  Catty is at her goal weight - good girl Catty!   D'light is much more engaged with life and that's obvious by how he physically looks.

2013 banner
Catty, Corwin, Aurora & D'light
2012 banner
Catty, Ursa, Dunham & D'light

2010 & 2011 banner
Catty, D'light, Reuben, Jasper

Friday, September 6, 2013

Aurora has been adopted...

 So give her three big cheers!!
 Not only has she found a home but, it's gonna be an amazing one for her.  Aurora is going to be living in Pasco with her new moms and she's getting a new rat/chi 3yr sister.  Aurora is one of the sweetest dogs we've fostered and her moms (like us) quickly fell in love with her.  Aurora is going to have lots of lap time and will be in for tons of adventures. She's going to have a big back yard to play with her new sister and we couldn't have picked a better home for her!
Happy life little girl, we will miss you and we can't wait to hear about your wonderful new life!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

All primped!

Last night was bath and nail trimming time...

"What is going on"

"I don't think this will be much fun"

She did great in the bath

All done

And after the bath and nail trim it was time for some yummy treats and to play with toys!

Aurora loves these treats

Tired girl after a busy night!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Efeste has been adopted & Aurora heads to the dog park

 I'm happy to say that Efeste has found a wonderful forever home!  Her new mom wanted a puppy and she has a lot of terrier/rat terrier experience.  Efeste will be living on 5 acres that also includes horses, chickens and soon to be goats.  Efeste is in for a load of fun and adventure.
Her new harness - she's pretty in pink!

We met Efeste's mom at All The Best on Mercer Island and her mom bought her a ton of fun stuff!

Lots of interactive toys, good food and yummy treats
Efeste and her mom! 

We brought along D and Aurora so that we could hit the dog park after dropping of Efeste.  There weren't any dogs at the park but, D and Aurora had a nice time sniffing around and enjoying the sun.

Lots to smell

D's having a good time
Aurora coming in to give me a kiss
Life is good!
Time for more sniffing

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Efeste says: "The cone isn't slowing me down"

Last week, little puppy girl went in for her spay and she didn't miss a beat. 
"I can still potty with the cone on!"
"I can still bite foster moms fingers with my sharp puppy teeth"

"I can still play with my toys"
"Watch me play" 
"I have you Mr. Rope"
"And I'm still very cute, even coned"

Monday, September 2, 2013

Noisy toys

Efeste playing tug
   When Efeste first arrived she was not comfortable with the noisy toys.  Watch her body language with the talking monkey.
So, we didn't have the monkey or other loud toys make noise.  But, we continued to intermediately include the toys in our play time. 
There's monkey and then sock monkey has a loud squeak and a crushed plastic bottle inside.  Again we kept the toys quiet while she was having fun playing.
And chicken makes a wacky noise but Efeste is too small to get it talking.
 After a number of days playing and building confidence with the toys here's how she's doing.
Her favorite toy in the world is below - big difference from the first video! 
This talking dog as you can see made her nervous...
But, she quickly recovers and within minutes it's awesome to her!
And look who decides the puppy can't be that bad if the talking Kola comes out!  That barking is D'light. 
And look who's a rock star!  All these noisy toys and she's just having a blast.  D'light use to be petrified of any noisy toys (even squeakers).  We started working with D'light with the "hear me" toys, building up on his comfort with the noises.  As you can see, he now loves the noisy toys and what a brave boy he is sticking his head down, pulling out the toys.
Time to play tug!
Sweet, awkward D'light wanting Efeste to play his version of tug
So much fun and these two have made huge strides with the noise toys.
These two rattie's sure do love the noisy toys!