Thursday, July 9, 2015

Baer update!

We love getting updates on our past foster dogs and we received a great one over the weekend from Baer's (now Chico) dad. 
Along with a great trip, Chico's dad captured some great pictures. I think someone else should start a blog of all their adventures!  Here's the email we received:  
We headed Cape Lookout State Park on the 4th of July to get way from the fireworks. 
Walked 8 miles along the beach and he wanted to keep going

Lots of different and interesting smells
Chico didn't mind getting his feet wet
But the waves kept chasing him away

We found a nice spot for lunch

Look, a whole sand dollar!

No, half dollars are not worth 50 cents
Time to find more interesting stuff
Happy life for this amazing little rattie who just needed a second chance!  This is a big reason why we foster.  Without a foster home, Chico would have never made it to his amazing new home.  We are happy that we were able to be the bridge between Chico and his dad!

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