Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Off to work!

King headed to work with his foster dad (at Pier 70 in Seattle)  and oh the fun!
So many smells coming from Elliot Bay
Foster dad has to do some work so, King had a turkey chew.  After the chew, King laid down while foster dad got stuff done.
Then it was time to meet the gentle giant named Logan. Logan is a very sweet and gentle Golden Retriever who was in training as a seeing eye dog but, didn't pass all that was needed to be a seeing eye guide dog.  So when this happens the dogs are adopted out to the general public.  From what I understand, it's a long list of people wanting to adopt these dogs since they receive so much training and have excellent temperament.  And what's really wonderful is that Guide Dogs For The Blind trains their dogs using positive reinforcement.
King says "You're huge!"

Appropriate sniffs
King going in for a better sniff

"I like you!"

And time to head back into the office to work!
After a while it was time for a outside break and King and foster dad cruised the Sculpture Park.

King did excellent with all the people, dogs and other moving objects.

"I love this place!"
"What are we doing next foster dad?"

They find lots of rocks and logs

Fun stuff to climb on!

Then it was time go back to work.  King decided it was time to nap!
King did amazing and he would be an excellent dog to take to work as he did great with the new people, other dogs and all the environmental change.

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