Saturday, July 25, 2015

Photo shoot time!

I always get a photo shoot post of Catty, D'light and the foster dog in our house. This time I thought I'd mix up the location!

"What are we doing?"

"Why do you have those amazing things out?!"

What's the amazing thing? 
Wishes by The Honest Kitchen!  Catty is a garbage can and will eat anything but, D'light and King are picky boys... and they both LOVE Wishes!

"Let's do this!"

I need stairs to do a proper photo shoot so, we need to regroup

Catty says "Pay attention D'light and where is King?!"

King not sure what we are doing but, Catty and D'light know what's up

King says "I'm here!"

Treat is too high...

Now the treat is too low!


The best shoot of three good looking rats!
Look at those beautiful sits by Catty and King

As usual D'light is quickly loosing interest

King thinks this was a great game with delicious treats!

This was a fun change and everyone was thrilled with their Wishes treat!

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