Saturday, February 28, 2015

Morrison visits the small dog park - Part 1

Morrison loves to play and Catty and D'light don't share his love.  So, I figured I'd see how he would do at the small dog park.  I'm not a huge fan of dog parks mainly due to people not paying attention to the dog interactions and then them not managing their dogs.  I had a backup plan in that if things weren't going well at the park we'd leave.  I was pleasantly surprised with our visit and we had a lovely time as you'll soon see in this two part post.

Morrison ready to have some fun!

Morrison is a very funny and sweet boy!  Initially it was just us at the park so, it was just the two of us entertaining each other.  Morrison as you can see is the entertainer!

"Lets play!"

Morrison takes a jog around the perimeter, hoping a dog will join us!

We work on sit - which really isn't nearly as fun as playing with another dog!

"What's that I see?"

"Is that dog coming to play with me?" 

We didn't want to crowd the gate so after a little bit of waiting it was time to see what was going on!

Morrison was so excited he could hardly stand it!  This little fells was roughly the same age as Morrison and his dad said he loved to play.  Perfect!

Some greeting of each other...

And then time to play!

"Catch me if you can!"

Checking out the dogs walking by the fence. One was a small dog the other a big dog.  Morrison and his new buddy are hopeful that the small dog will join them in their fun.

And then we have 3 small dogs!  The new little fella was also the same age as Morrison.

Nice greetings by all three

Adorable little dog knew I had treats!

Play time!

All three dogs did well with each other and the humans were all paying full attention

Morrison happy to meet and give kisses to one of the humans

And then it was time for more playing!

Stay tuned for a post full of video from the park

Friday, February 27, 2015

Morrison has a favorite toy!

 At first he was a bit unsure of what was going on but, Morrison quickly figured out that toys can be AWESOME! 

And then it was time to get the pheasant!  Here's one of his first reactions with the toy...


Round two and the rattie shake...

And look at the rabbit bounce!

Clearly Morrison has found his love of a good toy! This is a good thing as it keeps him occupied and it gives D'light and Catty a break from his puppy self.

"Here I come!"

"Throw it again foster dad!"

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Morrison has fun on the long line

We don't have a fully fenced in back yard so, I took Morrison to the park to let him run on a long line.

"What are we doing?"

He quickly figured out that he could pretty freely run around.  And with 25 feet of long line he was moving!

Down the hill we go

Up the hill we go

We did stop to enjoy the view and watch the other people and dogs at the park

Morrison is a stunning boy

He took a break from crittering

and I got two wonderful photos of him!

Morrison had a great time being able to run and run!

"Why are you stopping to sit down foster mom?  I'm not tired are you?"

Off we go for another run at the hill!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Morrison takes a walk

Morrison is a boy who's ready for any adventure!  So, we put on his Balance Harness and headed out to see how he would do on a walk.

Nothing seemed to phase him other than I wasn't walking fast enough!

Morrison is a very curious boy and he doesn't let walls slow down his pace! 

He did stop to watch the birds flying out over Lake Washington but, it was a chilly morning and he wanted to get moving.

Ready to check out more of the neighborhood!


 Time to motor!

Morrison did extremely well on our first walk together.  I doubt he's ever worn a harness or been on leash.  He does pull but, that's easy enough to work through.  We saw critters and cats of which he wanted to get after all of them - such a terrier!  We also saw a number of dogs and so far, Morrison is not reactive on leash which is great! He did however want to get over to the dogs to say hello.  Given I don't know Morrison well (or the other dogs we saw) we did not meet up but, watched the dogs from across the street.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bath time for Morrison

After meeting Catty and D'light it was time for a bath.  Morrison is a little guy and easily fits in our kitchen sink which makes for an easy and quick bath!
Morrison wasn't so sure about getting a bath but over all he did great.

He did great with being handled by two people he'd just met

Letting the shampoo work its magic

And once it was all over it was time to get off that bath smell! 
Here's Morrison post bath - you can see he's an energetic little boy.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

New foster boy on his way

Our newest foster boy was picked up as a stray in Tulare, California and we are happy to have had a foster spot for him.   He's a beautiful tri color Rat Terrier and roughly a year old and about 11 pounds.
Leaving the shelter with Lynn

We've named this little fella Morrison!  After the Morrison vineyard located in Eastern Washington.

Stay tuned as we all get to know Morrison -
he's arriving to us the evening of Sunday February 22nd.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Boom Boom has been adopted!

Sweet Boom Boom is in for an amazing new life! His new dad is home the majority of the time and he has a good amount of experience working with a fearful/under socialized Rat Terrier!  Boom Boom will soon be Boomer and living in Nevada.  Lots of confidence building, walks and slow environmental exposure are in the works for this fun little fella. 
Happy new life for Boom Boom, we are beyond thrilled for you and your new dad!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Time to play tug!

Catty loves to play tug and she was hoping someone would join in on this game!
All three having a good time

Catty was pleased she was victorious in winning the tug game!

Looking good Catty girl!