Sunday, July 19, 2015

Getting ready for King to arrive!

King is on his way to Seattle!  He's on a fabulous transport with 3 other dogs (2 of them are also newly rescued  New Rattitude Rat Terriers).  Here's another New Rattitude foster parent blogging about the Traveling rats
Check out little King on the transport - he's adorable!

The transport  is a 900 mile drive that is done in multiple legs of 60-100 miles by the wonderful volunteers of   Gettin' em Home Transport  This non-profit group dedicates themselves to helping shelter dogs by making it easier for rescues and adopters in the Northwest to rescue dogs from CA in shelters with high euthanasia rates.  
So, while King is heading our way, we have all the blankets washed, crate is set up, interactive toys  are ready to go as are stuffed kongs. 

While waiting for King to arrive, one thing I wanted to do was scout out some new places close to home that I haven't visited to in a while. I get up and out early each morning in hopes of tiring out the foster dog in preparation for our long work days. So, keeping our walks interesting are must do for me and the different locations provide a good amount of environmental change up for the dog(s).

We've been scouting for a couple of weeks and D'light and Catty were happy to assist with this job! On some of the outings I brought both dogs.  Others outings were just a one on one depending on everyone's interest in getting out so early in the morning.

Catty and I head over to a large park with lots of bright equipment for kids to play on. 

Catty says "Tell King there's fun stuff to investigate and climb on at this park!"

Here we are checking out one of the Parklets near our house

As you can see Catty is often staring at the camera... The camera is a cue for her that treats are soon to follow!  D'light on the other hand is looking for critters and he could care less about the camera or a treat.

"More fun stuff for King to investigate!"

On another outing, we head to the water.

"Tell King there are lots of ducks and geese to look at!"

"Lots to smell too"

"Oh my, there might even be critters at this place!"

"False alarm but, there's cool stuff to climb on!"

"Who's living in here?"

Another walk and we check out this natural park

Catty says: "Come on D'light get with the program"

"I'm glad D'light moved on!  Mom, get my picture so King can see that there's fun stuff to climb on at this park"

D'light and I check out another location and this was to his liking!

"With all these trees there must be critters"

"Mom, I'm thinking when you come back here - you bring me and leave King at home!"

"Really, I'm serious - leave King at home and bring me back here!"

D'light opted to sleep in so Catty and I headed out.

We found this mosaic bench

Later on our walk, we find a P-patch with a neat mosaic wall.  There are lots of P-Patches in Seattle  so, King and I will be checking more of the out.

"Oh King, there's so much to smell - you'll love it!"

On another adventure D'light and I find a neat little inlet on Lake Washington

"Tell King there are little bugs to watch in the water"

There were a lot of geese out in the water which D'light was interested in

Off they fly!

D'light is ready to go but, not sure how to get back over to me!

He figures out the problem and off we go

 Catty and I are back out and we found this park with some funky statues!

One last park to check out.

"King there's lots to do here!"

Time to head home and map out King's adventures.

King arrives tonight and we are excited to get to know him!

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