Friday, July 3, 2015

Environment enrichment at Tolmie State Park - Part 1

Environmental enrichment is something that is important for all dogs.  Of course it's not about just dumping a dog into an environment - it's about trying to set up the environment so the dog can be successful.  With a successful environment,  the dog builds confidence and equates new situations as positive experiences.  We do lots of environmental work with both Catty and D'light and each of them need something a little different so, knowing what your dog needs is important since like us - each of them is a little different.

As we continue to work with D'light using the environment we are seeing a more confident and curious little guy.  It's hard to be anxious when he's having lots of fun. And as always - D'light is in full control of what he chooses to do.  We always have a plan B with him if he lets us know the environment is too much.   We are happy to say that these days, we've rarely had to go to plan B and that too has created a lot of very positive experiences for D'light.

At Tolmie D'light had a grand time jumping and climbing up stuff!

Up and over the log!

Taking a little break with dad while watching the birds in the water

He found these stairs and immediately wanted to see what was at the top!

Comfortably moving on the small rocks

D'light was pretty curious about all these rocks

Brave boy decides to climb them

Lots to explore

Lots to smell

Looking good!

All the uneven rocks are good for his body and brain to navigate

And down he goes!

Stay tuned to see what other enrichment this park has to offer!

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