Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Photo shoot!

Time for some fun pictures of all three dogs!  For anyone who follows my blog you know I try my best to get an "all dog" photo shoot with our two dogs and then our current foster.   It's always fun to see what transpires in the photo session...
Catty and D'light are very excited when we do this as I use a high value food reward and you can see they are licking their chops from the get go! Morrison doesn't know what we are doing but, he wants to be in the mix!

"Let's get this going so we can have some of that!"

Catty gives the camera her "sit pretty" move. 
D'light is his normal calm self hoping that will bring a yummy food reward. 
As you can see by Morrison's ears he's so excited he can hardly contain himself .

Catty holds her "sit pretty" and the boys are trying their best but, they need to look at me not the food!

Catty says "I'm dealing with amateurs - give me something for sitting like this for so long!"

We regroup - this will be one of many times!
Where's Morrison?!  Trying to get down the stairs to me...

D'light has grown tired of this...
Catty and Morrison give me a great photo!
Time to regroup again - the boys asking Catty for direction!

It worked because I got a better picture.  But, now the sun is starting to get in their eyes...

Here we go again! 
Catty hoping for a better outcome, D'light looking adorable and Morrison goofing off!
A good picture except the sun in the boys eyes!

Oh Catty, what happened that the boys edged you out!

Regroup AGAIN!
This time I get two good photos of three good looking rattie's!


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