Friday, February 24, 2017

A road trip to Sequim - Part 5

In case you missed them, here are the previous posts in this series:
Before heading back to Seattle, we checked out the Dungeness River Audubon Center at Railroad Bridge Park. The Audubon Center is a wealth of information with very nice staff.
The ODT (Olympic Discovery Trail) passes through the park. 

Time to head across the rail road bridge

The Dungeness River flows under the bridge

We spot a fly fisherman

The river was moving a lot of water

"How about a treat?"
We all enjoyed watching the river

"I'd like more treats please."
Remember... you get the behavior you reinforce! 
Obviously I do a lot reinforcing this behavior.

A very pretty area


He was on the scent trail of something under the bridge.

Time to get going

Before we head out I take some great photos of the net fish that pepper the entrance of the Audubon center.

A great trip for all of us!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A road trip to Sequim - Part 4

Time to see what birds are hanging around Sequim.
We find a large flock of swans

I was very excited when I downloaded this photo.  Not only do I have a nice collection of Trumpeter Swans and a Tundra Swan!
The swan to the right with the yellow near it's eye/bill is a Tundra Swan.  Trumpeters have all-black bills, while most Tundras have a small yellow patch in front of the eye.

We were curious why some of the flock was grey.  As I found out:

Pretty swans!

We find a Bald Eagle 
A pair of  Mourning Doves
A pair of bald eagles taking in the views
We make it over to the Nearshore and Estuarine as the sun is setting

Lots to investigate

We find a flock of Northern Pintail

There are also Brants and Widgeons 

Off go the pintails.  On the far right post is a Belted Kingfisher
Lots of small shorebirds

Gulls and Brants  heading out for the night.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A road trip to Sequim - Part 3

Time to check out Sequim bay. 

We find a lot of birds!
American Widgeons

A fantastic male and female Hooded Merganser

We walk along the John Wayne Marina.  As well as great bird watching, there's a perfect spot to launch kayaks into the bay.

Lots of crabbers

A male Barrow's Goldeneye
A male and female Barrow's Goldeneye

A female Red Breasted Merganser

A male Red Breasted Merganser

Pretty day along Sequim Bay!