Saturday, August 31, 2013

Photo shoot

It's time for a new blog banner and given the variety of dogs we had in the house this week, I knew I had to work at getting a good picture!
Ziwi peak gets everyone moving to the stairs

D'light letting me know what he thinks of this plan...

D & Corwin warming up with some stretching - Catty thinking "Give me the food!"

A pretty good picture

Lookin good

Dang, Corwin's a bit blurry!

Aurora is getting bored with this
D's face is hilarious!

A good one - I love D's relaxed back

And why not create complete madness...

Catty thinking "If I ignore it, it will go away" Catty isn't fond of Efeste

Catty & Aurora want Efeste to pay attention!

Aurora being watchful of Efeste

Aurora says "Focus Efeste"

This is captures Efeste perfectly!  Terrier Trouble with capital T's

Aurora and D both telling Efeste to behave.  Corwin wonders how he landed back at this crazy place.

Everyone is done with Efeste and her puppy self

So close to getting a good shot of all 5

D says "Mom, we need to be done with this"
They all did great and now I just need to pick out the new banner picture

Friday, August 30, 2013

Efeste and the sweater - Part 2

Efeste thinks the oversized sweater is pretty awesome! Even in the sweater she's figured out she can still have fun...
"I can still attack a toy!"

Anyone wondering about why the crate is propped up in the top left corner?  It's because we were worried Efest might be able to get out near that corner and that's a very, very long fall to the ground.  We had a number of areas that had to be Efeste proofed.

"I have you now!"

She likes the rope
You get it girl!
And guess who likes the buffalo horn...
"This is interesting"
"I need to lay down to figure this out"

a good chew
"I'm busy so enough with the camera"

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Corwin before and now

We fostered Corwin (was Balboa) back in Nov/Dec 2012 and he was in rough shape when he came to us.  He was emaciated and under socialized with a good dose of anxiety to boot! 
Below are pictures from Corwin's time in foster care with us. 

So thin, you can see his tail bones jetting out. 

He had bad tear stains due to malnutrition - clearly this sweet boy had not been cared for prior to coming to NR.

With some TLC, it was clear he was going to be a wonderful boy.
We knew he was going to need a special home and lucky for him he found an amazing dad.  When we went over for the home visit, Corwin lost his urine in his belly band (sign of anxiety) and was not interested in going near his dad.  We had warned Corwin's dad that this would happen and he was perfectly fine with this.  Corwin was still in physically rough shape so his dad was adopting a project pup and he was up for the challenge.
Below are pictures from today. You can see how much he's transformed.  Corwin is a poster pup for why fostering and rescue is so important.  Because people (us as foster parents and his dad adopting him) were willing to take a chance on this sweet fella, he's become an amazing boy.
At a great weight!
no protruding tail bones
Tear stains are gone and he's beautiful!
I often describe Corwin as a higher function D'light.  And while I still think that's true, I've seen the huge strides he's made with his dad and it wonderful to watch.  Corwin still needs confidence building and his dad has signed up for some wonderful classes and personal sessions to help Corwin.  My hat goes of to Corwin's dad and his dedication to him.  Corwin is a lucky boy and I'm pretty sure he knows it! 

Corwin is a pearl colored rattie
He's stunning and a very happy boy
Having a good time
Just hanging out


Who's a terrier?!

"Wanna play with me?!"

Efeste says "I am a terrier - see me tug!"

Then we moved onto playing what I thought was going to be fetch but, Efeste still wanted to play tug.  Those growls are Efeste - she may be little but she's mighty!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A visitor arrives

Aurora says: "What we have another dog for me to play with?"
Sweet Corwin (was Balboa) is staying with us during the day for next two day.  His condo complex is getting new siding and he need a quiet place to crash during the day.  We adore Corwin and are happy to have him in the house!

Aurora saying hi!
 Greetings! Corwin wondering what is going on...

Aurora trying so hard to impress Corwin!  D'light really likes Corwin so he's happy about the visit. 

Aurora showing off her funny self.  D'light and Corwin not so sure of all that funny play.

Tomorrow I will talk more about Corwin, his story and how far he's come thanks to a lot of hard work with his dad.

Tired out boy!

Dog park

We headed over to the small dog park to get some off leash time! 
Aurora says "Do I know you?"
D'light needs some reassurance from his dad that all is well.

Aurora being Aurora - she found this stranger and wanted to say hi!

Aurora having a good time

Who are all these dogs?

Nothing like a good sniff!

And were was Efeste?

Front packed taking in the people, dogs, noises and smells
Efeste watching Aurora

Taking it all in - she was very relaxed and having a good time.

So much going on
All this work makes for a very tired puppy