Monday, March 30, 2015

Nose Work is full of fun & adventures!

We've had a very, very busy year and that's one of the main reason why we won't have a new foster until early May.   In the meantime I was able to work in what I knew was going to be an awesome Nose Work class!  This class was way outside of Seattle at Rattle Snake Lake and what a great time of being in a beautiful environment while watching a number of great dogs work!
I made the decision last fall to be extremely selective about where to do Nose Work with D'light.  He's certainly knows how to find odor but, it's just not that fun for him to do in new environments.  So, we do it at home and then we find other fun things to do that bring him lots of joy - like crittering and lure coursing.
Just because D'light doesn't search for odor in a class setting doesn't mean he misses out on new experiences.  So, we arrived early to class and he and I headed out on the long line. 

"Where are the critters?"

Lots to see and smell

Taking in the environment

Watching the fisherman

He was sniffing up a storm

He was so wishing for a small critter to appear!

"I see birds!"

Smells something interesting!

Curious boy

He really enjoyed just watching the environmental activity which is super for him.

Sweet, sweet D'light!

Looking as handsome as ever

And he wants to go see them!

A visit with Erica (our Nose Work instructor) and her busy Mimi girl!

Mimi LOVES to play ball

"Here I come and I'm ready for you to throw the ball again!" 
Time for class and Catty is ready to work!
Waiting her turn while taking in the enviroment

Skip is awesome to watch and this boy knows how to find odor.  He's a wonderful dog to learn from as he does a lot of chasing and bracketing odor. 
Corwin on the move to locate odor
Giselle working to source 

Sweet brave Timken!  Watching him work is amazing. This little boy has made huge strides given all he's been through before coming into the care of his mom and dad. 

on the odor trail

Working to locate the source of odor!

And he finds it!

Mom rewards him for his brave and excellent work!

Onto the next search
Jersey girl in on he A game!

Timken impresses us all with his work given the environmental activity

He's in odor
Working to source

"Found it"

Catty patiently waiting her turn. 
Catty has made huge stride with her ability to be in proximity to other dogs. 

Ok Catty your turn!

"I smell it!"

"Alert - now give me my reward!"

Time to move to the next search and wait our turn

Looking fabulous
While we wait we go check out the lake.

Ready to rock the other hides!
What a great way to spend a Sunday morning!  Many thanks to Erica Wells our Nose Work instructor for offering such wonderful locations to have fun doing the sport of Nose Work!


Friday, March 6, 2015

Morrison has been adopted!

We are thrilled for Morrison as he has a new amazing family!  Morrison loves kids and he now has two human brothers to romp around with.  Morrison is going to be a much loved and busy boy with his new life.

Happy tails for this sweet well rounded little boy!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Morrison getting out and about - Part 2

We found this little beach and it was time for more exploring!

Morrison had fun walking on the log

Time to get to sniffing!

Lots and lot of smells

Lots of different surfaces to walk on - rocks, wood and sand

Checking out the birds flying over the water

"No more pictures foster mom!"

We get one good one and then of we went to explore even more of the park!