Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We visit Birch Bay State Park - Part 2

Here's part one of this two series post: We visit Birch Bay State Park - Part 1

Viva says "What is this amazing place?"

Off we go!

Lots to smell

Lots to see!

Pretty crab shell

Lovely Viva

The rocks are no trouble to walk over

There were a number of stumps along the shore

So many things to investigate

Viva watching the birds in the bay


Time to go look at the birds!  We've been working on just watching birds...  not chasing them.

Side tracked

By this time there are a number of people walking the shore (you can see  some behind Viva) and the people were no problem.  Viva has really made excellent process when seeing people in her environment.

Crab leg!

"What's up there?"

We find this super cool log!

"I just think this place is so fun!"

"What's over there?"

Lots and lots of holes in the log

More to investigate

We find this cool stump

It had a massive screw all the way through the stump

More stumps and logs to check out

Time to start heading back to the car and more people in the back ground

There were kids out.  Viva is not fond of kids as they are so unpredictable in there movements and volume of their voices.   

Good girl Viva for ignoring the kids.

We roll by a big fire pit

A good run in the meadow of tiny flowers before we head out!

Monday, May 30, 2016

We visit Birch Bay State Park - Part 1

With so many flowers to post about, I'm behind on our other adventures!

Back in April we headed north... way north.  Only 9 miles to the Canadian border.  We headed up this way for a Nose Work ORT (odor recognition test) with D'light. That was fun and sweet D'light passed the odor test with flying colors.  After the ORT we headed over to Birch Bay State Park.

Off we go!

No problem with the bridge!

D'light taking in the environment

This was early on a Saturday morning and hardly anyone around!

D'light finds a lot to smell on a huge piece of driftwood.

Loved the colors on the wood

Fun times in the environment!

Time to see what else is around!


It's really great seeing D'light comfortable in a variety of settings

There was a lot of sniffing going on!

Uck a crab claw and look at the sand on my nose and tounge!

There was  a lot of drift wood along the shore

The wood was super smooth and pretty!

D'light says it was great to climb on!

"This place is fun!"

Lots and lots of curiosity in the environment

"What is that?"

A huge spike in the log

"What do you mean we have to go?"

Back to the car we go.  

Stay tuned to see what Viva thinks of Birch Bay State Park.