Monday, July 20, 2015

King has arrived!

King was a super star when we picked him up from transport.  He was sweet, pretty mellow and we didn't hear a peep out of him on our way home.
Once we were home it was time for introductions to Catty and D'light. The intro's were easy enough and them time to move onto a bath.
I'm pleased to say that I was thrilled with how go with the flow King was which made for an easy enough bath.  Usually we wait a few day for a bath but, fleas and ticks are really bad right now in California so we couldn't afford to wait.  We were well prepared for bath time!

King did extremely well and he's pretty dang cute!

King has lots of cute marking on his face and body.
Here's his right profile

And his left profile

After bath time it was time to do what all new male foster dogs do - sport a belly band and roam around to scope out the house
No issues with the fan in the doorway

Quick to check out the deck

Getting some loves from foster dad

Here I come!

I think King is going to be a very fun foster boy!