Friday, November 30, 2012

Cayuse has been adopted!

Cayuse aka Mr. Zoom Zoom has been adopted and we are very excited for him!  As you've seen, Cayuse is full of terrier energy and terrier tude - exactly what his new dad was looking for.  Cayuse is going to have an amazing life full of lots of outdoor activities, going to positive based training school.  We have no doubt Cayuse's life is going to be full of fun and adventure, something the little boy will love.  We feel so lucky to have fostered and found Cayuse such an amazing forever home and we'll be looking forward to his updates!

Happy life sweet boy

May your life be full of friends!

We are very happy to report that because Cayuse's new dad chose to adopt rather than buy a dog, they created the space for another dog to be saved. Each family who adopts has saved two lives: the one they adopt, and the one that gets to move into that open foster spot they created by adopting a rescue. So Cayuse goes home today and our new foster boy arrives late tonight night! Our new boy will be named Kilpsun.  Klipsun is a brown tri-color rattie, roughly 6months on and around 6-8lbs. We are very excited to meet this little boy!

Klipsun named after a Washington wine vineyard

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Two rattie boys having a blast!

Cayuse is sooo excited that Balboa has arrived as he now has someone who will play with him!  Cayuse follows Balboa everywhere hoping they can have a good time.  Yesterday was a busy morning for the young rattie boys as you will soon see...
Pottty break after breakfast
Getting ready for the morning routine!

Off for a walk - we live in a bustling neighborhood of Seattle and there was lots of noise and activity.  As you can see both boys rocked the walk!
Back home and it's play time!  Dandy thinks he might want to get in the mix.
Silly boys with their matching toys!
Balboa has great dog skill with a sometimes bossy Cayuse
More fun - wear yourselves out boys as foster mom is soon heading out for work.

Balboa says "love me please!!!"
Balboa is about ready to slow it down --- not Cayuse!
Time to kick back and wind down!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Any one want to play? Part 2

Dandy and Catty were done playing with Cayuse but, Cayuse wasn't yet done with playtime!
Cayuse is really good about finding a way to play by himself as you will shortly see.  He's a good boy who just loves to play!
Are these nylabones new?!
Cayuse getting jiggy with the nylabone
"Hey there Mr. Gator, wanna play?"  Notice Queen Catty keeping an eye on the little fella
"I love my toys!"

I was on the computer when I felt some "nibbling" on my toes!  Big surprise it was Cayuse and clearly he thought my foot was a stuffed toy.  And lucky for him it was a "stuffed toy" who played back!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Balboa has arrived!

This little boy is beyond sweet and of course super cute!  He's been great with the dogs and loves people.  I'm guessing Balboa hasn't had much in his short little life as lots of things seem new to him -- being in a house, stairs, furniture, a warm place to rest.  He's also very thin and his coat is a little rough.  I'm happy to say that we will get him on track pretty quickly -- some good food to put some meat on his bones and lots of warm comfy places to rest.  
Balboa is 1-1.5 yrs old and is a pearl colored rat terrier.  These pictures don't do him justice as he's just beautiful.  Balboa is currently 7.5lbs and he needs to gain at least another 2lbs.  So get ready to fall in love as this boy will quickly capture your heart!
Balboa has very long legs
Sweet boy is way to skinny

His tail is constantly waging

He's very elegant looking

I love this antler!

I asked our state coordinator about his tear stains and was told they should diminish with proper nutrition
A boy many people will love!

Working on getting some lbs on this boy!

He has great markings and a long white tail

Monday, November 26, 2012

Anyone wanna play? Part 1

Since Buty has left, Cayuse doesn't have a buddy to wrestle with since Catty and Dandy are totally not into that!  So, Cayuse has gone looking to see who will be his buddy!
Cayuse and his new pal Mr. Chicken

"Foster mom will you play with me?"

"Mr. Chicken, it's just you and  me"

"Do you do anything else besides just sitting here?"
 "Cool Mr. Chicken will play fetch with me!"
"What's that I hear?"

Dandy doesn't like sharing his Mr. Chicken!

Cayuse says, "Finally someone to play with - wanna play Dandy"  -- Dandy just wants to go away with Mr. Chicken

Cayuse being Cayuse! And Dandy not wanting to share Mr. Chicken
Zoom, Zoom!
It turned out to be an ok play time as Cayuse was able to engage Mr. Chicken in fetch and Dandy and Catty in tug!  Not to mention Cayuse doing all his zoom, zooms around the house. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cayuse wonders what he's eating today!

As I've said before, Cayuse is super smart and he know knows the phrase "are you ready to eat?" as you can see by his expression below.
I'm ready!
One of Cayuse's favorite things to eat is apple - we've tried all kinds of varieties and his fav's are Galla and Fuji - he does not like Granny Smith!  If I give him a big chuck of apple he likes to eat the meal part first, saving the skin for last!
Eating the apple meal - yummers!

It can take him a good 5 minutes to eat his apple chunk

 Of course I have a video!

Other nummy things include his kibble, pumpkin and yogurt. However, he's not a fan of frozen green bean.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just some cute pictures & video of Cayuse!


sleepy boy

out like a light

I'm awake, are you ready to play?!

And while Buty went to her new home yesterday -- Yippy for her! I still had this video of these cute pups that of course needed to be posted.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Buty has been adopted!

This sweet girl full of love and personalty has found herself an amazing home!  Buty will be living the high life about 3 miles from our house and she's have two amazing mom's and a fun loving four legged rattie/whippet brother.  While Buty is still a bit shy with new situations we have no doubt that her new family will help her quickly adjust and trust the world around her.  We feel so lucky to have fostered this sweet girl and to have been the bridge to her new family.  There's no doubt she will be cherished and loved the way all dogs should.  So happy new life Buty we look forward to hearing about how wonderful you are doing!

Sweet Buty

Here's some great video of Buty and Cayuse!  Buty has done a great job of helping Cayuse learn the ropes of being a dog. 
We are very happy to report that because Buty's new family chose to adopt rather than buy a dog,  they created the space for another dog to be saved. Each family who adopts has saved two lives: the one they adopt, and the one that gets to move into that open foster spot they created by adopting a rescue.  So Buty goes home today and our new foster boy arrives late Sunday night!  Our new boy will be named Balboa !  Balboa is a Pearl tri-color rat terrier, roughly 2 yrs old and about 10lbs.  We are very excited to meet this little boy!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The blue whale...

For those of you who track my blog, you know Dandy loves his blue whale.  And it's this specific blue whale that he picked out at the store.  We have other blue whales but they don't compare to this one.  This blue whale has been in and out of the "baby" hospital (my mother in law sews up the holes that Dandy creates) many a time! 
I love my whale
However with puppies everything is fair game and full of fun!  I caught these videos and wondered where Dandy was since I was doubtful he'd be interested in sharing his whale. 
I found Dandy asleep in his bed in his new chilly dog sweater!  I don't think he had a clue that the puppies were playing with HIS blue whale!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cayuse invents his own game of find it!

I was on the computer and didn't hear any noise which usually means Cayuse is doing something.  I turned around and he was head first in one of the toy baskets!
I went over to see what he was so focused on and turns out lots of the interactive toys still have treats in them!  Lots of dogs get bored and give up on those last tidbits but, not Cayuse!

He spend a good 5 minutes just licking the dried lung that was stuck in the pickle!

Here's Cayuse looking to see what he can find!

He had a blast with this game and I have a feeling we will be playing this game more often! After he found all the treats he went and found a bed to rest in.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Buty is on the mend!

Sweet Buty has had kennel cough since she arrived and try as we might, we haven't been able to get rid of it!  So since we were already going to the vet (yesterday) to be micro chipped, I asked for a prescription of antibiotics to get her better, quicker.
Normally I would just let this run it's course but, Buty had live changing event on the very soon horizon so, we want her in tip top shape!  We had been giving her Tusin at night which she HATED but, this liquid antibiotic is chicken flavor and she loves it!   We are seeing a difference in her energy and it's only been 24 hours. 
One thing Buty loves is to be under blankets and warm.  I don't know if this is becasue she's been sick or just the way she is.  So, since she's been feeling bad, I put a heating pad under her sleep sack and had it on for 15 minutes.  Now I did this because I was in the same room with her for the 15 minutes and supervised her and the heating pad - this isn't something I would do if I couldn't keep an eye on the dog. Buty thought it was pretty awesome and she was in this sack for well over 5 hours getting lots of R&R while being very warm.
Awww, this is nice

I lifted up the top of the sack - she's all streched out and relaxing!

Sooo warm!

We could tell she's feeing better as her ears are up -they've been pinned for a while since she was feeling so crappy.

This was in the evening you can see the snot dripping out her nose but, she's alert and just hanging out.

This was around 8pm and look who's perking up!

Buty is just adorable

"I stick my tongue out to this nasty cough!"

The lovely Buty

Time for more sleep

This was Buty this morning! 
We're happy she's feeling better and she loves bones!

Working the bully stick