Friday, July 10, 2015


 Catty says "Guess where we are!"
The dogs knew where we where when we pulled up to the gate and it started beeping to let us in.  They wanted out of the car ASAP so they could see what they've missed since they were last here.
 "Were at our grandparents house and you will soon see what a great place this is for us!"
A fully fenced in 5 acres with lots to sniff

"We are here to get away from the loud fireworks at home!"

"Mom I know we are going to have a fabulous vacay!"
"I know I'll be having lots of sleeping time in the nice cool house. This is much better than our hot house"

Lots of critters come in and out of the yard so, lots to sniff

Lots of birds and other things to see

"What did you find D'light?"

"It is warm so finding some rest time in the shade is a good idea"

"Oh yes it's warm here!"

 Catty is the smart one and stays in the shade

"You might miss a critter by laying in the shade!"

"Who cares about critters when you have this environment"

"D'light, you're cramping my beauty shots!"

Stay tuned to see how much fun Catty & D'light have while staying cool and avoiding the loud fireworks!

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