Friday, September 26, 2014

Busy week ahead!

D'light, Catty and I are heading down to Oregon for Nose Work camp!  It's going to be a busy week for all three of us.  We'll no doubt learn a ton while having lots of fun.
 We'll be working:
Below is D'light working containers at a "sniff and go"

Below is Catty practicing containers at class
Keep in mind in the above videos that I have no idea which box the odor is contained in.  I have to know and trust my dog to "alert" me to the odor. 

Exterior searches
Vehicle searches

Interior searches

And who knows what else!
And if you're wondering about Seven - he's going to be having lots of fun at home with his foster dad!
"Get ready foster dad - I'll keep you on your toes!"


Seven the snuggle bug

While Seven is learning lots of new life skills - he's also a skilled snuggler!

"Hey foster mom - you wanna snuggle?"

Getting comfortable

"Come on, I know you want to rub my belly"

"I'm waiting for the belly rub!"

"I'm tired after all that belly rubbing!"

"Time for a quick snooze"

Who's getting silly?!

Seven loves to hang out in a open lap!

Cute boy!

"Time to get up as it looks like I might be missing something!"

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Seven working at the park - Part 11 of Training Time

To have another tool in our outside toolbox we've started playing "find it" outside. This is nice game to play as a distractor if the environment gets to stimulation for Seven!

We headed over to a park near our house...

"Are we doing something?!"

"What is all this stuff?"

"Maybe I see or hear something"

"What are you doing foster mom?"

"Why are you tearing up the jerky and putting them on your knee?!"

"Can I do something to get you to give me some of that jerky?!"

And it's time to start training - Seven gives me a beautiful sit!

Good impulse control

Seven is gentle with taking treats when he's in a calm emotional state

"Ready for the next game"

And we play "Find It" - Seven has a blast and this was a fun game to play in the outside environment.

We will no doubt keep playing "Find it" on our walks!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Catty walks the city of Seattle - Part 3 visit to the waterfront and beyond

You would think that Catty would be getting tired (I know I was) after all the walking we'd already done!  But Catty was ready for more walking so, we headed down the Seattle waterfront.

We ventured out onto Pier 62 to check out the view and it's a beautiful view indeed!

Behind Catty you can see: some of the Seattle skyline, the Seattle Aquarium, the Great Wheel, Century Link Stadium and Safeco field.

"Yes I'm having a wonderful time!"

"Ok I'm ready to go!"

Down the waterfront we pass another fountain!

And then we found this crazy statue!

"Is this a Nose Work hide?!"

"Not a Nose Work hide but it would be a good one!"

The Seattle Great Wheel in the back ground

On the move again - lots of tourists. 
The people are not an issue for Catty unless they want to pet her - that's when we say "no thank you" and keep moving.

And it was time to start heading home.  We ventured up Harbor Steps (a lot of steps) and did that slow Catty down? 

Watch and see:

There are a lot of fountains on the way up the stairs

Yes of course Catty has to check out the fountains!

Whoops she took the plunge - not sure she was intending to do that!

"Ok dad - can you get me out of here?"

Cooled off and ready to get going!

We head up the hills in downtown Seattle - now I need a rest and drink of water! 

Catty passes the time by watching birds.

We ventured into Freeway Park.  This is not a park I would walk alone in.
There are tons of fountains and waterfalls so a really interesting park.

We finally made it home! Catty kicking back but, you can see by the look in her eyes she's ready for the next adventure!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Catty walks the city of Seattle - Part 2 vist to Olympic Sculpture Park

Next stop was the Olympic Sculpture Park  We've been here a number of time and it's a beautiful park!

Catty says "Who else has been here?!"

The Olympic Sculpture Park over looks Elliot Bay which you can see in the background.  You also see West Seattle and a ferry coming into Seattle.


And you see all kinds of crazy stuff - this guy was walking his two cats before putting them back into their stroller. 

Time to go check out some of the other sculptures

"Right behind you dad!"

Next we visit Wake by Richard Serra and I got a chuckle when I did a search to find the link - this link that pulls up first is by another New Rattitude foster parent who also blog.  Her foster dogs this year are named after artist and she had a sweet rattie named Serra earlier this year who was adopted out quickly!   Here's her blog: Rescued Ratties

Catty on the move!

Catty checking out Echo one of the newer sculpture at the park

Two of my favorite sculptures but, due to there location we couldn't get a picture of Catty with them.

I did not take the two pictures below

And then it was time to move on!

Onto the fountain - Catty loves to walk around fountains!

Father and Son Fountain by Louise Bourgeois with the Space Needle in the background

Watching the movement of the fountain

"Maybe a swim?"

"Oh I don't know about that!"

"I'll just keep moving!"

Time to walk down to the end of Pier 70!

"So much to see and smell"

Watching the seagulls

Watching the boats

Huge cruse ship leaving for Alaska!

Catty was enamored with the movement of the pier post.

"This is a fantastic adventure!"

Ready for our next adventure down the water front!

Stay tuned to see where we go next on part three of Catty's three part walking post!