Thursday, July 23, 2015

Starting the morning off!

We get up early and there's no messing around once we are up. It's time to  move quickly getting outside and going potty.   King being a smart little fella has quickly adapted to this routine.

Out on the deck D'light is scanning for crows and King is ready to head down the stairs to the backyard.

Way to go King - he figured out how to use the outside stairs on his 3 day with us

We have two outside flights of stairs along with a landing that breaks up those flights of stairs.  Navigating the landing often worries dogs but, King doesn't miss a beat.

Down the second fight and into the back yard he goes!

Once we're in the backyard it's time to stretch, potty and King gets lots of sweet talk from me which he loves!

King is not a boy who does just one potty episode. So, we stay outside for a while which gives him ample time to empty his bladder.

"Hi foster mom!"

After potty time, we wait for Catty to come on down.  She's a bit slower in coming down as she likes to stretch after she wakes up.

"Might as well have a seat while we wait"

And a perfect time for a photo of this very cute boy!

"Here comes Catty"

And a rare occurrence for Catty.  The two of them have done this dance each morning since King's second day. 

Catty has gone back upstairs and King waits to see what's next...

Guess Catty isn't coming back down...

Time to go back upstairs King!

Up the stairs we go and time for breakfast!

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