Friday, July 24, 2015

The duo walk

After breakfast, it's time to get our morning walk in! This walk included me and the dynamic duo of King and Catty.  As you can see King is a mover.

They slow down and stop as something has caught their interest

It was something in the air as they were doing a good amount of air sniffing

With so many pretty plants, I decided to hang out a bit trying to get some good photo's of King

Got a cute one!

Catty says "Oh sweet, camera equals treats so, I'll pose for you!"

I laugh as the both just stand and stare - King coping Catty

King is growing tired of this... 
Catty on the other hand is a pro and know it's worth the wait

King says "Com on Catty, lets go!"

Catty still waiting and King has moved on

Off to find better things to do rather than stare at the camera

"Gotta let everyone know I've been here!"

Catty is still staring...
And all that staring earned her some yummy turkey treats! 
Catty says "Well worth the wait"

Time to head home and once we were home King opted for nap!

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