Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Did you notice D'light's multi-colored Balance harness?

In yesterday's post Hitting the park before the Seattle heat wave we had lots of fun and D'light sported his new turquoise on blue harness by Balance Harness.

Since July 2014 all of our dogs (personal and foster) wear the Balance Harness.  In my opinion this is by far the best harness on the market. Every strap is a adjustable and the dog has maximum body movement without restriction from a harness.

Foster dog Seven

Foster dog Coccinelle

Foster dog Morrison

You also may have notice the beautiful green on green harness that our last two foster dogs have been wearing. 
Foster dog Boom Boom
Foster dog Baer
You can order a two color harness from Balance Harness, you'll just spend a little more for the custom harness and tell them what color combo you would like!

"We all love this harness as every strap is adjustable and it never rubs!  Also notice no strap in my arm pits!"

For those that have followed D'light over the years - look at his beautiful relaxed back!  That's not something he had when he first came to us!

Lots to smell and see while looking fab!

D'light will tell you that he looks good and feels good in this harness!  AND he says, "I have lots of body movement in this harness!"

So much movement that he can roll and roll and roll in it

Why is D'light rolling? Well of course because there's something stinking in this grass to roll on  - probably a dried up slug! 

With so much body freedom while wearing the harness why not roll?!

What better way to break in a new harness & show how much movement a dog has in it?!

All this rolling was fun to watch.  D'light frequently surprises us and this was another surprise because this was a busy park with a good amount of dogs, people, strollers and such.  Even with all the activity in the environment, D'light felt safe enough to cut lose with all this rolling.  Good boy D'light!

"That was a TON of fun and I still look like a rock star in my custom colored Balance Harness!"

A shot for you to see how great this harness looks and fits even after all that rolling around!

"Ok, I'm warm and ready to head home while looking good in my new harness!"

If you want to order a custom color Balance Harness go to their page at Balance Harness  and then call them with your color combo! 

To read about fitting and other information about the Balance Harness here's another great link from Lori Steven's website about the  Balance Harness

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