Saturday, July 4, 2015

Environment enrichment at Tolmie State Park - Part 2

There are tons of opportunities for enrichment in the environment.  This trail was more than just critter hunting time!  There were lots of textures and obstacles on the ground that D'light had to navigate. 

In the past, a lot of these environmental obstacles would have stopped him in his tracks.  This was due to being worried about how then felt on his feet and body and his general lack of confidence.  However, after lots of ground work (thanks to Lori Stevens) and positive environmental work D'light is now a master of obstacles in the environment! 

There were a number of wood pathways like this and D'light moved right over them.

No problems with the wood slats and some of them had a sandpaper like texture to stop people from slipping when it's wet.


Lots of opportunity for jumping over logs and branches

Moving so quickly that the camera couldn't keep up with him!

A log that had a been cut and had moss and other plants growing on it - a little spot full of textures.

Time to move on!

Such a curious boy and uses the fallen tree to help him get close to what has peaked his curiosity!


Lots of roots in the trail to navigate

So, while D'light of fun - he also worked his body and brain while gaining a lot of confidence thanks to our use of the environment!  Way to go D'light and I have no doubt there's a lot more environmental enrichment in your future.

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