Monday, May 2, 2016

Viva explores Flaming Geyser State Park - Part 6

Here are the other five posts in this series:
We find more trails down to the Green River. 
Viva enjoyed the long grass.

Down to the river we go.

We check out some rocks

And take in the view. I'm guessing this place is packed during the summer months.

"Anyone home?"

Off we go 

"Where to next?"

Another stop along the river

Motor on

We reach the bridge which is a cool bridge!

We cross under  the bridge and it was nice and more to see and smell.

We have another view of the bridge

Time to see more!

"Berry bushes have stickers so best not to dive into them!"


The massive park sign

Looking good Miss Viva

We begin to head back to the car and Viva finds something interesting. I'm guessing voles.

"Do you see them?"

Hunt, hunt, hunt

Taking in one last view

Back at the car and time for drink and then to head home!

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