Saturday, May 14, 2016

We head south - Part 3

We wake up to a massive amount of fog!  

Catty says "What's with the white stuff?"

I wasn't sure how the pictures would turn out but, I think they are great!

"Why so many pictures so early in the morning?!"

D'light and Viva watching the fog

Viva is her usual stunning self.


They're disappointed that there are no critters out in the early morning

As the fog lifts we have a beautiful back drop

Catty does a bit more sniffing around...

Then it's time for a rest inside!

Catty was pleased that the fire was going.

Good looking resting rats.

Viva says "Foster dad is up!"

Everyone excited to see dad and they all let him know we should go outside!

Stay tuned to see what fun awaits all three silly dogs.

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