Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rain and fun!

We've had a couple rainy days... The rain doesn't keep us inside and so off we go!

Lots of snuffling to be done!

As Viva snuffles I was enamored by these tiny flowers.


The rain drops were about as big as the flowers

I've really enjoyed looking at wet flowers!

 And wet grass!  Here's a spider web covering the leaves and grass

I found this cool leaf. 

I had to bring it home to get Brett's opinion about the track marks that look like someone painted the leaf.

Viva isn't bothered by the long wet grass!

Viva in the background and love rain drops on the buds.

Off  we go!

A decaying mushroom and Viva says "Lets go"

Where to go next...

Scanning for squirrels

Raindrop filed flowers


Morning glory is blooming

Lots to sniff!

The flowers on the above bushes

Berries and flowers

Nothing like good sniffing!

We head on and Viva sees a squirrel which means time to go!

She double backs since the was sitting at the base of the tree. 

Turns out there was another squirrel in the tree!

Viva loves, loves, love to hunt and she's fun to watch.

Viva is very muscular and beautiful!

We head on and I find these snails

"Who are you?"

Off we go

I find another snail

I try to get another shot and you can see Viva waiting for me.

Then this...

"What are you doing foster mom?!"

"You move!"

"Not interesting and lets go"

This wall lines a couple tennis courts

Someone left their tennis balls

Viva has zero interest in the tennis balls

We continue and the moss is alive and well

Love this picture of Viva

As we head back to the car we pass some apple trees with blooms and fruit on them.

Pretty tiny flowers!

Not yet time to put away my water proof boots!

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