Monday, May 16, 2016

We head south - Part 5

After so much fun outside it was time to eat.

Catty isn't one to be very far away if food is involved.

"Stop taking pictures and get moving with meal time."

Showing off her go to move of "Sit pretty"
Catty has excellent meal time manners.  She just waits patiently while I get everyone's food ready.

Look who has joined in.  Viva also has excellent meal time manners.  Waiting quietly and patiently.

Such good girls with lovely behaviors.  

After meal time comes rest time!

Tired girl!

D'light loves rest time with his lala!  

Stay tuned for the last post in this series.


  1. Amazing mealtime behavior...and such precious dogs!

    1. It's all our go to mat work that has given us so much mealtime success. It was amusing to watch Catty try to figure out on her own how to "get to mat". But she figured it out as you can see by the rug she found. Such smart dogs!