Friday, May 27, 2016

Springtime at the Arboretum - Part 2

Here's part one of this series if you missed it: Springtime at the Arboretum - Part 1

We love our critter boy!

As D'light was scanning, I noticed some color on a tree down the way.

 Here's the tree (it was too tall to capture the whole tree).

I found out it's a Liriodendron or tulip tree!

Just starting to bloom

Love the blooms!

And Brett finds more mushrooms!

Another beautiful Mountain laurel (Kalmia)

We cross over a stream and there's lot of green with splash of yellow flower

Primula bulleyana

The second magnolia blossom we find.

More rhododendron

And the we wander over to the large pond.  I made everyone freeze when I saw what I thought was a wood duck!

Sure enough it was and I was super excited.  I had to super zoom my camera as they are skittish.

And I was able to capture a picture of the female too!

Then this happened...

The crow was not happy with the ducks and off they flew.

We walk closer to the pond

Lots of lily pads and we spy some flowers in the pond.  So Brett and D'light hang out on the bench while I go try to capture some pictures.

"What are you doing over there?"

Pretty, pretty waterlilies

Love being under this tree!

We head home and find a few more flowers along our way!

My favorite peony

More mushrooms

Pretty clematis

Another exciting moment for me... yellow calla lily.  We've only see the white calla lily!

More peony

Pretty sure this is a geranium

The first variegated dogwood we've seen

I think this is Virginia spiderwort


Silly boy still looking for squirrels. 

A great walk of roughly 8 miles and lots to see!

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