Monday, May 9, 2016

D'light says "If you are going to Volunteer Park PLEASE take me too!"

Since it's light so early in the morning both Viva and D'light are able to have a blast at the park.  I get to have double fun.I run Viva first and then it's D'light's turn.  Here are a few shots of his fun morning time. 

 Lovely back drop of a hill of blue bells

Time to critter

Watching the squirrel in the tree...

Here's the squirrel and while it tells D'light off as he enjoys barking and dancing at it.  The squirrels are never impressed with D'lights moves.

This tree is huge and it's full of flowers. As you will see it's a favorite spot for D'light 

The flowers that are in bloom on the above tree

There is also a pink flower produced by the tree

And here's D'light doing his thing at the base of the huge flowering tree

Off we go looking for critters

Sniffing the air

And off we go!

"Come down!"

D'light loving the morning critter adventures

This made me giggle as D'light doesn't like tight spots.  But, for a squirrel he'll do what he needs to do.

"Where did it go!?"

Off he goes after another squirrel.  This park is full of squirrels.

"Did I tell you how much I love this park?!"

Go get it D'light!

See the squirrel? 
D'light doesn't and so the squirrel starts telling him off! 

"There you are!"

We take one more pass at "Squirrel Row".  The dogs love this stretch as they always see a number of squirrels hanging out on the garbage cans and near the base of the trees.

Back into the car he goes and I take some more pictures of the conservatory.

This is one small area inside the conservatory. 

The statue in front is dedicated to William Seward.

When I came back to car D'light had unzipped his crate and was ready to go chase more squirrels!

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