Thursday, May 26, 2016

Springtime at the Arboretum - Part 1

With spending so much time looking for flowers near our house it was time to visit the arboretum.

We haven't been to the arboretum in a couple months so off we went.  Viva and Catty stayed home and D'light came along.

"I hope this trip won't be all about finding flowers!  Hopefully we find critters!"




Here's what comes out of the round top of the plant

Mountain laurel (Kalmia)

The detail of in the flowers is beautiful

We make the 45 minute walk to the arboretum

At the visitors center and D'light is scanning for squirrels.

Love all wisteria lined path


We find vibrant alstroemeria

There's a big project going on that the arboretum.  They are creating a new path/trail which will be wonderful when it's complete.  D'light wants to get behind the fencing but, no luck as that's part of the new path.

Time to get a move on

Atlantic nineback

We've never seen such a red madrone tree!

D'light having a great time!

Pretty fuchsia

Pretty and I don't know what it is!

Monkey Puzzle and this is really cool!

Oakleaf hydrangea

Lots to see!

Beautiful primula bulleyana and see the bumble bee

"Where to next?"

Pretty snowball bush in the background.

Time to see more of the arboretum

Sniffing for squirrels

Looking good!

Some of the rhododendrons are still in bloom

"Where are you critters?"

D'light has zero interest in looking at me unless I was holding a squirrel!

The magnolia are not yet in full bloom.
Here is one of the two we found.

WOW - love the color of this Iris!

And Brett got the gold star for finding this mushroom grove!

Stay tuned to see more of our arboretum trip!

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