Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Training fun and sun, sun, sun!

With so much sun we've had lots of opportunity to work on being under threshold and quiet when out on the deck.
Here are posts talking about the work we've been doing:

Viva says  "What do you have there?"

I'm sitting in the threshold of the door with some very tasty treats!

Surprisingly D'light is the barky dog when out on the deck. He barks at birds and other noises he thinks everyone needs to know about.  And once D'light gets going the girls are quickly in the mix.

I watch D'light ready to reinforce the behavior I want which is not alert barking.

He's thinking about that alert bark.  I say "look" and when he looks at me I give him a treat.  This is enough of an interrupter of the alert bark and obviously he knows the cue "look".

Good boy D'light!

Viva says "You still have those treats!"

Everyone enjoying the sun

D'light bummed that Catty has found the nice bed! 
D'light says "Mom, I thought you were going to bring out more beds!?"

Pretty, pretty girl!

"How about giving me one of those treats?"

"Please can I have a treat"

"Yes mom, you're correct - I'm very cute! Now give me a treat for being quiet"

D'light heads in to the house leaving the girls outside.
Good girls who are quiet and relaxing in the warm sun.

And where was D'light?  He was resting quietly on his bed, being super adorable!

D'light and I were at a lure event this last weekend and I saw the best bumper sticker...
It's really that easy.

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