Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We head to Flaming Geyser State Park - Part 1

With such great weather we headed out to Flaming Geyser State Park  
The park was named for a flame which burned through a concrete basin, fueled by a methane gas pocket 1,000 feet below the surface. When the pocket was discovered by prospective coal miners in the early 1900s, the test hole hit gas and saltwater, shooting water and flames 25 feet into the air. The same methane pocket seeps gas through a mud hole to create the "Bubbling Geyser" nearby. 

This is a big park - 480 acres!  We were here for a long time so this will be a 6 part series post showing of some of the highlights of the park.
We arrive and D'light is excited about the size of the trees

The Green River runs through the park

We head towards flaming geyser

A brief pit stop to check out a log pile

See the fungi?

D'light says "This place seems pretty cool!"

We arrive at the flaming geyser.  It is no longer lit due to depletion of it's methane source.

D'light watching the creek 

We get a move on

Next stop is 

Critter alert!

As D'light jumps the log and I spot fungi!

With spring comes lots of new growth

Motoring along

This tree looks like it could slide down the hillside at any point

D'light having a fabulous time

Looking down at the bubbling geyser

D'light pretty interested in the smell

"Do you smell that?"

The bubbling geyser...

Lovely views!

D'light still smelling the air!

We head out and find lots of stuff to look at on the trail.

Pretty flowers in bloom

The trails weren't too crowded but, I'm sure it's bumping as the days warm up.

Log jump!  D'light has really excelled in his log jumping. 
It use to be way to scary to make that leap.

Lots to take in

We keep moving

We find some great fungi growing up the tree

Loved the colors in the rock wall

More fungi and I believe this is called turkey tail

Go D'light go!

D'light had a great time climbing up and on all the logs 

"How to get down"

Stay tuned to see the next section of our adventure.

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